All our childhood, we listened to fairy tales about Santa Claus, which did not fit into the words from the past to the present, for a long time. So where is the real Santa Claus when he was last seen? Born in Patara, and died in Myra, where he served as bishop of St. Nikolai (Saint Nicholas), aka “Santa Claus” is a magical character that has become the subject of centuries-old legends. The place in Antalya Demre, also known as the Church of Santa Claus, is known as the last place where the real Santa Claus lived. Moreover, it is believed that in this place Santa Claus fell asleep in his eternal sleep. As we approach the last days of 2022, we take you to the city where Santa Claus spent his last days! Where is Santa’s Church located? st. What is the significance of the Nicholas Church? Where is Santa Claus? Details are waiting for you below.

Patara is one of the important port cities of that period, which housed the parliament building of the Lycian League.

And in the same period the son of a rich wheat merchant was born; St Nicholas

Saint Nicholas, considered the patron saint of children and sailors, lives in this city until his death.

After the death of St. Nicholas, a church was built in the region (Demre); Church of the Father of the Nativity

Church of the Father of the Nativity

The most important feature of this church is that it houses the mausoleum of St. Nicholas, who is considered to be the real Santa Claus.

It is believed that he was buried here after the death of Santa Claus.

Church of the Father of the Nativity

Miracles supposedly performed by St. Nicholas are depicted on the walls of the temple.

It is believed that the Roman sarcophagus inside the church, decorated with fish scales and acanthus leaves, belongs to Santa Claus, who fell into his eternal sleep.

Church of the Father of the Nativity

Merchants from Bari, Italy are said to have stolen Santa’s bones during the Crusades, after the region was dominated by the Ottoman Empire.

Church of the Father of the Nativity

Rumor has it that the stolen bones were buried in a basilica built in the name of Bari.

The bones believed to be those of Saint Nicholas can be seen at the Antalya Museum, which is also located in the same city.

Church of the Father of the Nativity

Bonus: how to get there?

The church, built in the Byzantine style and known as the last place where Santa Claus lived, can be reached by private car or by bus. Saint Nicholas Memorial Museum, located on Gökäzı Mahallesi Museum Street in Demre/Antalya, is open every day of the week. Museum opening time: 08:30, closing time: 17:30. We remind you that the ticket office closes at 17:00. The entrance fee to the museum is 125 TL.

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