Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reacted to the inclusion of Greece in the list of countries that impose sanctions against Russia.

Lavrov shared through the Twitter account of the Russian embassy in Athens: “We were friends with the Greeks. We have marked a change in the leadership of the country. They agreed or were forced to obey the American recipe. We draw conclusions about those who so happily accept the aggression against Russia.” used phrases.

Claiming that Greece and the Greek Cypriot Administration (CCA) are among the countries most friendly towards Russia in recent years, Lavrov also drew attention to the fact that many joint cultural and educational events are being held.

“Economic cooperation has been actively developed for the benefit of mutual interests. Strange was the speed with which the signatories advanced to the “front” and a group of leaders engaged in anti-Russian actions. It reflects the imposed line of the aggressive opposition, and not the interests of the Greeks.” made statements.

After the start of the Ukrainian-Russian war, Greece, as a country of the European Union (EU), participated in the adoption of sanctions against Russia. Suspension of residence permit applications for Russian investors for investment purposes, rejection of new applications and suspension of cultural events were among the sanctions Greece imposed on Russia.

In April 2022, Greece declared 12 Russian diplomats persona non grata. In a written statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry in June 2022, it was reported that 8 diplomats working at the Greek Embassy in Moscow were declared “persona non grata”.

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