The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, said that they would restrict the trade in diamonds with the Russian Federation.

Council of the European Union (EU) President Charles Michel said they would close legal loopholes in the sanctions and restrict the diamond trade with Russia.

Michel spoke to the press ahead of the G7 leaders’ summit in Hiroshima, Japan.

“We will continue to provide strong military, political, humanitarian and financial support to Ukraine.” Michel said that the EU and its member states have provided more than 70 billion euros of aid to Ukraine.

Noting that the EU has taken comprehensive steps with sanctions packages to prevent Russia, Michel said: “Now we are focused on closing the legal loopholes in the sanctions.” He said.

Explaining that they continue to prevent Russia’s access to critical materials, Michel stressed that they will take new measures.

“We will limit the trade in Russian diamonds. Michel said that at the G7 summit they will clearly demonstrate why sanctions against Russia are necessary and justified.

Noting that the meeting will also discuss relations with China, Michel said, “A stable and constructive relationship with China is in our common interest.” gave his assessment.

Pointing out that the EU is determined to preserve its values ​​and interests, Michel said: “We don’t want to be divided, but we want to reduce our overdependence and reduce risk.” said.

Michel added that they should also address China’s unfair practices and balance trade relations.

The summit, hosted by Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio, is attended by the leaders of the United States, France, England, Germany, Canada and Italy.

In addition to the G7 countries, the EU, Indonesia, India, South Korea, Australia and Vietnam are also invited to the summit.

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