While the war between Russia and Ukraine continued, it was reported that the Russian army shot down 4 missiles belonging to the United States.

The news from Moscow came as a shock as the world focused on Putin’s first visit to Belarus in three and a half years. CNN International reports that there is a first in the war that will be 300 days old tomorrow.

Just at this time last year, the world watched the tens of thousands of soldiers that Russian leader Vladimir Putin gathered on the border with Ukraine. While Western intelligence agencies shared all the maneuvers of the Russian army, the Kremlin assured that it was not preparing for an invasion.

In the weeks leading up to Feb. 24, Putin played another trump card by sending some 30,000 troops into Ukraine’s northern neighbor, Belarus, under the pretext of a military exercise. When the Russian offensive began, which radically changed the future of the land, the troops in Belarus opened the Kuzepsky front.

Just a month later, the Russian invaders, who dreamed of capturing the capital of Ukraine Kyiv in a few days, were defeated. The defeats that began with the withdrawal from Kyiv in Ukraine were followed by others. Over the past 10 months, Russia has lost almost 100,000 soldiers.

It was often discussed whether Belarus, Vladimir Putin’s closest ally in Europe, would participate in the war in Ukraine. Seeking to win back defeats on the front lines by raining rockets down on critical infrastructure, Putin landed in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, on Monday (December 19).

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