The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation announced that it would impose sanctions on former President of the United States of America Obama.

The ministry said in a statement that the United States has repeatedly imposed sanctions on Russian officials and citizens.

In response, the statement indicated that 500 US citizens were under sanctions, and the specified names were denied entry into Russia.

The statement included the names of 500 people included in the sanctions list.

The list includes politicians, including former US President Obama, members of the Senate and Congress, experts and analysts on the grounds of spreading false information about Russia, and heads of defense companies on the grounds that they were involved in the supply of weapons. to Ukraine.

Stressing that any “hostile” actions against Russia would not go unanswered, the statement recalled that Russian journalists were not issued US visas to attend a meeting of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), which was previously attended by the Russian Foreign Minister in New York. Sergey Lavrov.

For this reason, the statement indicated that a request from the US Embassy in Moscow to visit an American journalist arrested in Russia on charges of espionage had been denied.

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