North Korea, which responded with ballistic missile tests, took action after a drill conducted by South Korea.

North Korea has announced that it has conducted a two-day nuclear counteroffensive exercise in response to joint military exercises conducted by the US and South Korea in the region.

North Korea has responded to joint US-South Korean military exercises. North Korea conducted a two-day tactical nuclear counterattack exercise in response to the joint exercise, the official news agency said in a statement.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was said to have personally led the exercises. As part of the exercise, it was noted that on Saturday the reliability of the country’s tactical nuclear forces was tested. It was recorded that a rocket fired from the Cholsan district of North Pyongyang province exploded at an altitude of 800 meters from the East Sea, flying 800 kilometers.

Kim Jong-un, who led the exercises on the ground with his daughter Kim Joo-e, said that the current situation, in which the aggressive actions of enemies against North Korea are becoming more and more obvious, requires his country to further strengthen its deterrence of nuclear war. Instructing the military to fully prepare for nuclear strikes, Kim Jong-un said it was important that such exercises be conducted continuously under conditions simulating a real war so that the military can immediately respond to unforeseen situations and launch a devastating nuclear counterattack at any time. .

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