Do you remember the sand castles you built when you were little? Will you try to make it realistic or just ignore it because the waves will carry them away? Andoni Bastarrica sees more than just sand and sea when he goes to the beach. Taking the sandcastle business to the next level, the artist creates incredibly realistic sand sculptures. Let’s take a closer look at the bastarriks, who pay attention to details from animal fur to color and try to create the illusion that they are really alive.

While playing on the beach with her daughters in the summer of 2010, Andoni Bastarrica discovered that she had an interesting talent for creating sand sculptures.

“From that moment on, I clearly understood that I should follow this path,” Bastarrika tells My Modern Met. After training for two years during seasons when the beaches are empty, such as autumn, winter and early spring, the artist finally felt ready to share his talent with others.

There is a reason why Bastarrica makes sculptures of animals and nudes👇

Andoni Bastarrica

Because he wants to make things in nature the way they are. For this reason, Bastarrica says she doesn’t need metal tools like spatulas to model naked bodies, and she says she can make sculptures more accurately with her hands. He then uses feathers and pointed sticks to go into detail.

He makes sculptures so realistic that you have to look very closely to make sure it’s fake.

Bastarrica compacts the sand well, creating the illusion of fur and texture. When necessary, he also uses stone powder to color the sand, among other materials. In the resulting works, it seems as if real animals are lying on the beach.

Bastarrica says he finds human-made sculptures interesting. Because most people think these statues are real.

Bastarrica ascribes his talent to wisdom, strength and beauty transmitted by nature. Currently, he continues to sculpt on every beach he goes to.

Do you think Andoni Bastarrica’s work is realistic? Let’s discuss in the comments!

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