In two horrific earthquakes, the center of which was Kahramanmaraş, and affected 10 provinces, 31 thousand 643 citizens were killed, and 80 thousand and 278 people were rescued from under the rubble with their injuries and thousands of buildings destroyed. The number of aftershocks in the region has been announced as 2,724. We are on the eighth day of this catastrophe that shocked the whole of Turkey. With search and rescue efforts continuing at full speed, donors from all over Turkey rushed to the affected provinces to lend a hand to the earthquake victims. In addition, worldwide relief campaigns are being organized for this terrible disaster in Turkey. Real Madrid, also known as the La Liga giants, has announced that it will organize a charity match in support of Turkey. Famous names who have played in Turkey before also want to be on the field. Let’s examine the details together:

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Help comes to Turkey from La Liga giants

A report in the Spanish newspaper AS stated that the famous football team and the giants of the Spanish League, Real Madrid, are planning to organize a charity match for those affected by the terrible earthquakes that rocked Turkey. The match will be held in Madrid, the capital of Spain. An investigation is underway into whether the Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid stadiums are suitable for the competition.

Players who have played in both Turkey and Real Madrid want to go to the stadium for support.

real madrid

Famous footballers Guti Hernandez and Roberto Carlos who both played in Turkey before announced that they wanted to play in the charity match. Former Real Madrid second captain and Spanish player Guti Hernandez moved to Besiktas in 2010. Known as the “most offensive left-back”, Brazilian Roberto Carlos played for Fenerbahçe in 2008.

Real Madrid is also in talks with other La Liga teams

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Real Madrid, who is planning the necessary organizations to implement the assist match, will meet Atletico Madrid, Rayo Vallecano and Getafe from other teams in the Spanish League for the match. It was announced that there would be star players playing in the Premier League in the competition.

All proceeds from the match will be sent to earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.

Real Madrid, which did not remain indifferent to the disaster that occurred on February 6, announced that the money for the match would be sent to the victims of the disaster in Turkey and Syria.

Valencia was another La Liga team supporting Turkey.

real madrid

Valencia played Athletic Bilbao in the 21st week of La Liga, and he extended his best wishes to Turkey during the match. Midfielder Samu Castillejo, who scored in the 17th minute of the match, stepped aside and unrolled a white T-shirt that read “Pray for Turkey”. Valencia also launched an aid campaign for Turkey and Syria.

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