The lifeless body of Takhi Duymaz was discovered, which was under the rubble for 12 days after the earthquake in Kahramanmarash. This was announced by his close friend Ragib Narin. News of the death of renowned social media phenom Taha Yılmaz, whose home was destroyed and collapsed after the 7.7 and 7.6 earthquakes on February 6, saddened his fans. The hearts of those who waited with hope have been aching since the news that he was under the rubble reached his loved ones. Details in our article.

From the first hours of the disaster, nothing was heard about Takh Duymaz and his brother. His family and followers, who had been unaware of his situation for several days, were devastated. Unfortunately, the bodies of himself and his brother were found today. His close friend Ragib Narin shared the sad news.

Raghib Narin said the faces of the bodies pulled from the rubble were almost unrecognizable.


Taha Duymaz, who made a name for himself with food videos he shared on social media, lived in Hatay, one of the provinces hardest hit by the Kahramanmaras earthquake.


When his house collapsed in the earthquake, he, his two younger siblings and his aunt were left under the rubble. Names such as her sister Semiha Duymaz, Dilan Polat and CZN Burak shared the news of the phenomenon, which was not heard from afterwards.

Taha was alleged to have passed away last week, but her sister kept the situation under wraps. Taha Duymaz’s older sister, Semiha Duymaz “Don’t believe the false news. We are looking forward to it. When I read news like this, I panic even more.”


After the news that Taha was under the rubble, the video she shared on social media of how the bomb went off was on the agenda. In this video, he gave the following response to his followers who asked him about his plans for the future:

“I don’t see a future, I don’t know, I don’t know if I’ll stay until tomorrow. That’s my opinion, I think I’ll live a little. I don’t think I will live long. I don’t want to make plans for the future because I think I will live less. If I had a dream, I would continue to take care of my family. Anyway, I always try to be a good person.”

May the Lord have mercy on Taha Duymaz, we express our condolences to his family.

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