Today, social media platforms are an important medium with clear footprints in almost every aspect of human life. Especially for people under a certain age, social networks have a much stronger connection with everyday life. Applications that evolve in everyday life and then turn into a social media trend or trends that start in social media and spread to life are the most important examples of this strong connection. Currently on the agenda is a very interesting trend that has become popular in the social media platform TikTok, which has millions of users worldwide: Quittok.

In the Quittok stream, especially young employees share the moment of their firing live on TikTok. The processes of resignation of people involved in the movement and their thoughts on the balance between life and work can also become a subject of discussion. Some Quittok posts are viewed by thousands or even millions of people in a short time. In other words, users are quitting “loudly” in a sense! Well, how did the “live stream of resignation” that has become popular recently in social networks begin? Why do younger generation employees feel the need to share the moment of their layoffs with thousands of people? Let’s see what Quittok is, the social media resignation trend live.

What is a Quote?

Quittok is a social media trend where especially young employees share their moment of leaving work live on TikTok. Employees share the moment of their quitting live or on video, often with hashtags like “quitmyjob” or “iquitmyjob” (I quit my job).

Some users who join the Quittok movement quit at work, while others quit at home.


Some users record the moment they tell their employers they are leaving. Some users, on the other hand, make videos by clicking on the button to send leaving announcement emails.

Videos posted on the Quittok stream are watched by thousands or even millions of people on social media.

Because in this unusual trend, not only young employees are leaving. Many see Quittok as a means of expressing their thoughts about life and work, as the first step towards starting a new life.

On the other hand, the videos shot within the movement often contain very emotional moments and sometimes the joy of employees “recovering” from a toxic work environment. All this leads to the video in this unusual resignation trend being watched by a large number of people, and the trend is becoming more popular day by day.

How did the Quittock movement start?

Although this trend has become popular in recent days, its origins date back to 2021. In July 2021, all McDonald’s UK branch employees posted a video announcing they were leaving during their shift. The video was watched by millions of people in a short time. This mass resignation was the most important event that created and popularized the Kwittock movement.

Why is Kwittock called the high-profile resignation movement?


“Silent resignation” does not mean that employees literally announce their resignation out loud. It is named so because the videos are watched by millions of people, including employers, and they are much more visible. But the big resignation announcement isn’t the only reason people share videos of their resignation with millions of users.

Social networks are a very important part of the daily life of young users.


Millions of young users, born in the era of social media and become social media natives, have a habit of sharing almost all the important moments of their lives on social media. On the other hand, expanding the message and increasing interaction are some of the motives behind shares.

However, Quittok videos often turn into a show of strength for employees who are in a “vulnerable” position towards their employers, and an inspiration for other social media users who are unhappy with their jobs and who are considering quitting but failing to succeed. These are all factors that have contributed to the popularity of the trend. However, this interesting trend has some negative consequences for both departing employees and employers, which are not so easy to notice at first!

Quittok’s videos in some ways create a negative image for quitters and employers alike.


For example, a person who quit their job in the Quittok movement may be considered a non-professional by their future employers. This can result in the employee missing out on important future business opportunities. However, the dismissal of an employee in front of millions of people is, of course, not a positive situation for the employer.

As such, Quittok may be causing some hard times for some employees and employers. However, there are those who believe that the movement forces employers to be more attentive, transparent and responsible, and therefore can contribute to some positive shifts in business life.

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