Russian President Vladimir Putin responded to accusations of a military alliance with China.

Russian President Vladimir Putin made a statement about his relationship with China in an interview on Russian state television.

Pointing out that they have made important steps in the field of military cooperation with China, with which they have established strategic proximity, but this is not at the level of a military alliance, Putin said: “We are cooperating in the military-technical field, and we do not hide it. Everything is transparent. There is nothing hidden here. We cooperate in the military sphere, conduct military exercises. Everything is transparent with us. But this is not a military alliance. What is the US doing? They do even more. This is a reason for Western analysts to talk about the need for the West to form a new axial alliance,” he said.

Saying that Western countries are seeking to create a more global NATO alliance against them, Putin said: “They agreed on a plan to create a new axis alliance, in particular, trying to create a global NATO in 2022. It was openly stated there that they would develop relations with the Asia-Pacific countries. Moreover, this concept lists the countries that will enter the global NATO. The list also includes New Zealand, Australia and South Korea. “Earlier this year, the UK and Japan signed an agreement on mutual transparency and the creation of a new military cooperation and development relationship,” he said.

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