Former Olympic gymnast Alina Kabaeva, mistress of Russian President Putin, appeared before the public.

Former athlete Alina Kabaeva, whose name began to be spoken more and more often as the war between Russia and Ukraine continued, appeared before the public for a long time.

Kabaeva, who has also competed in the Olympics in the past and is considered a legend in Russia as a gold medalist, attended the event yesterday. Kabaeva, whose claim to be the “mistress” of Russian President Vladimir Putin is often on the Western media agenda, made headlines with the accessories she wore at yesterday’s event.

Kabayeva, who in the past supported Moscow in the war between Russia and Ukraine and appeared at events alongside Putin, wore a Z brooch that became the symbol of Russia in the war.

Kabaeva, who appeared on the stage of the event held in Sochi, did not say anything about the war, but conveyed a message with a brooch.

Despite claims that Putin has been his girlfriend since 2008, no official statements have been made about this. Russian media also claimed that before this event, Kabaeva had plastic surgery.

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