Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the threat of nuclear war is growing day by day.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said: “Russia (nuclear) will not be the first to use it, and if not the first, then there will not be the second. Because the possibilities of using nuclear weapons against our lands are very limited.

In his speech at a meeting of the Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights, Putin said that the rights of people living in Donbas have been violated for 8 years and that international organizations are ignoring this.

Stating that the UN Human Rights Council, the Council of Europe and other human rights organizations “woke up” after the “special operation” they launched in Ukraine, Putin said: “All this showed that these structures cannot fulfill their obligations in their charters. “Because of its clear biases, Russia was forced to terminate its membership in these organizations,” he said.

Noting that the current approaches to human rights in the world are far from perfect, they require a comprehensive analysis, since they are used to achieve different goals, Putin said: “We see that the doctrine of human rights, in particular, is used to destroy the sovereignty of states and to justify the political , financial, economic and ideological domination of the West”.

“We will defend ourselves with all the means at our disposal”

Expressing that Western human rights organizations “see Russia as a second-rate country with no right to exist,” Putin said they would fight for their national interests in many ways and means.

“First of all, of course, we will focus on peaceful means. But if there is nothing left, we will defend ourselves with all the means at our disposal,” he said.

In addition, Putin stressed that it is pointless to talk about additional mobilization measures, noting that the state and the Ministry of Defense do not need this today.

“The operation in Ukraine will last a long time”

Providing information about the “special operation” of the Russian army in Ukraine, Putin said: “The process of a special operation, of course, can be long. “The emergence of new lands is an important consequence and a serious problem for Russia,” he said.

Commenting on the possibility of nuclear war, Putin said: “The threat of nuclear war is growing. Russia (nuclear) will not apply it first, and if not the first, then the second will not. Because the possibilities of using nuclear weapons against our lands are very limited. “However, our defense strategy is based on responding to an attack.”

Stressing that Russia is not crazy and that they know what nuclear weapons are, Putin said that Russian nuclear weapons are more advanced and modern than those of other nuclear countries.

“We will not brandish nuclear weapons like a razor”

Expressing that they will not go through the world with nuclear weapons “shaking like a razor blade,” Putin said that these weapons are a deterrent, and he hopes everyone understands this.

Putin said that they did not talk about the possibility of using nuclear weapons, as former British Prime Minister Liz Truss did, but only took some measures in response to this.

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