Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the Sarmat intercontinental missiles will be deployed this year.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin re-emphasized nuclear power in a statement on the eve of the first anniversary of the war in Ukraine. Putin said his country would continue to be interested in building up its nuclear capability.

In his speech, the Russian leader said that they will continue to attach great importance to their efforts to develop the ability to launch missiles with nuclear warheads from land, sea and air, as before. In this context, the Russian leader announced for the first time that this year they will start deploying Sarmat intercontinental missiles that can carry multiple nuclear warheads.

“We will continue serial production of air-launched Kinzhal hypersonic missiles and mass deliveries of sea-launched Zircon hypersonic missiles,” Putin said in his nationwide holiday message delivered by the Kremlin Palace.

In his speech on Tuesday this week, Putin announced that Russia was suspending the START agreement on strategic arms reduction.

An unnamed senior Russian official said that despite Putin’s decision, Russia would keep its nuclear-armed missiles as part of the agreement.

While stating that admitting Sweden and Finland as NATO members poses a threat to itself, Russia has repeatedly referred to the use of nuclear weapons in relation to the war in Ukraine.

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