The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has intimidated the United States.

While Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has revived the world’s fear of “nuclear war”, Russian leader Putin’s new move has become a threat to the West.

The new nuclear missile move by Russian President Vladimir Putin made a big impression in the West.

Putin reportedly ordered the activation of Yars missiles capable of hitting the US and the UK. It was announced that the missiles were prepared for combat conditions.

Images published in Russia show that intercontinental missiles with a range of 12,000 have been stationed at a military base in the Kaluga region in the west of the country. Alexei Sokolov, Russia’s commander in the region, said the move was a signal to the West. “With the introduction of new strategic weapons, our homeland will be able to sleep peacefully,” said Vadim Vyazovsky, one of the Russian military officials.


The Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda wrote that the Yars missile was “12 times more powerful than the nuclear missile fired by the United States on Hiroshima.”

In October, Putin personally oversaw missile tests that also used Yars missiles. Russia’s nuclear exercises in October were also closely watched in the West.

At the start of the invasion of Ukraine, Putin ordered the country’s strategic missiles to be brought into combat position. On the other hand, Putin and other Russian officials say they will not use nuclear weapons except in the event of an attack that threatens Russia’s existence.

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