Besiktas club president Ahmet Nur Chebi talked about the new season and said that they will do their best for the team.

Continuing preparations for the new season in Germany, Besiktas continued training with today’s training. Chairman Ahmet Nur Chebi, who visited the camp yesterday, said: “Fans have to trust us, we will do our best” following the training.

Continuing preparations for the new season in Grassau, Germany, Besiktas continued their preparations with today’s training open to the press. Training under the guidance of coach Senol Gunesh began with a warm-up. The black and white soccer players who played the game of catching and passing the ball did the work of passing and shooting. After the match with a double goal in the narrow zone, the Besiktas players practiced in the center, heading and shooting in the last section. Necip Uysal, Demir Ege Tyknaz, Jackson Muleka and Artur Masuaku, who played in the top 11 of yesterday’s friendly match against Misokovesd, made an updated run in the first part of training.

While Amir Khadzhiakhmetovich did not take part in training due to a throat infection, Valentin Rozier trained in a separate gym from the team.

Besiktas will continue preparing for the new season with tomorrow’s training session.

Ahmet Nur Chebi followed the training

Besiktas President Ahmet Nur Chebi, who was present at the training camp during yesterday’s friendly match, followed the entire training session. President Çebi, who spoke with coach Şenol Gunes in the half of the field, then greeted the press and said: “The fans justified the reproaches. They rightly want the best. Trust us, we will do our best. Let them be comfortable,” he said.

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