The British Ministry of Defense began to prepare for a possible Third World War.

The British Ministry of Defense hired two science fiction writers to predict what technology could be World War III. The authors described the potential military threats that are expected in the next 20 years.

Two science fiction writers have started a joint project with the UK Department of Defense to predict what tomorrow’s wars might look like. Authors Peter Warren Singer and August Cole have written eight stories that explore the potential threats new technologies could pose over the next 20 years. I and II of some stories. He was especially known for his inspiration from World War II.

Like episodes of the TV series Black Mirror, each story describes developments in specific areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), data modeling, drone swarms, quantum computing, among many other factors and factors, by adapting them to the battlefield and conditions. . Great stories give shape to what the wars of tomorrow might look like.

In addition, the authors predict what the world will face if radical changes in “green” technologies (inventions to support natural life) cause new geopolitical conflicts.

According to the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory of the UK Department of Defense, the rationale for this project is clear; Science fiction writers have a unique ability to imagine the unimaginable, and such scenarios can be useful for defense planning.

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