Social networks have become an integral part of a person’s daily life. So much so that the first thing millions of people around the world do as soon as they wake up is check their social media accounts. Humanity has witnessed and participated in dozens of social media trends that have been funny, disturbing, meaningful, and nonsensical. The popular social media app Instagram has seen a very interesting trend lately. This new trend, also called “Marking the Horoscope”, is very common, especially among young people. Moreover, behind this new trend, which is a digital version of the traditional phenomenon of divination, there are very important sociological and psychological processes. So, what is this Instagram tag horoscope? Let’s look at the details together.

Instagram horoscope mark is one of the most popular social media trends of the recent period.

At this point, a question like “what is the marking of a horoscope, how to look at it” may come to your mind. What’s more, you might think that it’s impossible to tell fortunes through a social media platform. However, this is not at all the case, and this trend has recently been quite common. So what is this Instagram tag horoscope?

Since social media platforms have become an integral part of our daily lives, you don’t need to be a social media user to know the concept of “tagging” on these platforms. However, the tagging trend may seem quite interesting to you. trend, “@do this, the 2nd person on dating likes you, the 6th person will be offended by you, you will marry the 4th personIt comes with messages like “. In other words, thousands of social media users are looking at “digital divination” with this extraordinary trend! Experts state that there are very interesting sociological and psychological processes behind the recently popular trend.

Some experts express the “need to be seen” behind the tagging trend

According to many experts, one of the things that underlies the concept of social media in general is the need to be seen again. However, not only this was the reason that the direction in question became popular in a short time.

on instagram”@do it, the 5th person to come out will be offended by you, the 7th person hates youOne of the reasons causing the increase in the proportion of “likes” is the need for people to communicate.

More precisely, people are looking for socialization in social networks that they cannot get their hands on in their daily lives. Assoc. Dr. Burcu Zeybek commented on this topic:In this way, people continue to both reflect their own lives the way they want to, and follow the lives of others, living in a virtual world from the moment they wake up from a dream and open their eyes until they close their eyes again.” uses expressions.

“Fear of missing out, being left in the dark” pushes dozens of people to join the train

instagram tag horoscope

According to Zeybek, this fear makes people constantly ask themselves: “I missed something, who shared what now, am I off topic?” This can turn into a kind of addiction, causing them to ask questions such as: This addiction makes people constantly get involved in new trends and become part of them.

Assoc. Dr. Eileen Tutgun Ünal argues that social media trends are the foundation of today’s understanding of popularity.

instagram tag horoscope

In other words, participating in social media trends contributes to the fact that a person becomes noticeable and, moreover, popular, at least in the digital world. This is one of the reasons why many social media streams have become popular in a short time. Also, the fact that these movements have become a socialization tool of sorts and find people entertaining encourages many people to post like this.

People create their own reality with Instagram horoscope!

instagram tag horoscope

Ünal claims that messages such as “@1 loves you, @3 doesn’t like you” stimulate people’s sense of curiosity. On the other hand, according to Ünal, people create their own reality by marking their horoscope on Instagram.

On this occasion, Ünal said:Although it is known that this has nothing to do with the truth, people create their reality by spreading such computer-generated and inaccurate content.” uses expressions. In a word, there are many reasons that make the popular Instagram trend of divination by tags of the last period.

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