We are on the 11th day of the terrible earthquake that occurred in the Pazardzhik region of Kahramanmarash. After a natural disaster that affected more than 10 provinces, thousands of our citizens died, thousands of buildings were destroyed. While our country is on fire, the news continues to come in about buildings destroyed by the earthquake. In Antakya, one of the provinces hit by the earthquake, blocks were demolished at a site called “Another Life”. Events appeared that left the companies open about this event, in which 78 people died. The columns of the blocks are said to have been carved, saying that they will be turned into a nursery. Noticing the situation, lawyer Coskun Atylgan; He says he has contacted authorized institutions such as Antakya Municipality, Hatay National Education Office and Hatay Governorate, but received no response. Let’s look at the details together:

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Two of the four buildings of the Different Life Rende site in Antakya were destroyed by the earthquake that occurred on February 6, 2023 and deeply shook the whole of Turkey.

While 27 people were rescued from the rubble, unfortunately 78 people died as a result of the building collapse. Up to 35 people, who, as it was assumed, were still under the rubble, could not be reached.

It turned out that after the earthquake, the columns of the building were cut down under the pretext of building a nursery.


Lawyer Coskun Atylgan, who filed an application to initiate a criminal case in connection with this situation, said that a decision was made to refuse to initiate a criminal case on this incident. “I warned all institutions before a kindergarten was built under the building, I did not receive a response” The lawyer said that a construction contract was signed between landowner Arif Sami Rende and contractor Fevzi Yilmaz. He explained that under this agreement they divided the blocks on the site among themselves.

Atylgan, who asked the Antakya municipality in May 2016 not to issue a license to the site, claims that the site was not even checked.


A lawyer applied to the municipality for a denial of a license after they cut down the pillars of a building at Different Life Rende and learned that a nursery would be opened there. He also spoke to 144 families living in the neighborhoods. Here’s what the lawyer says about it: “There were also complaints from families. We appealed to the Department of National Education of Khatai and the administration of the Governor of Khatai, but did not receive a response. We filed an application with the prosecutor’s office, I myself went three times, they didn’t even take an application from us. Those two quarters that we warned about were demolished. People went to their deaths in front of everyone.”

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