Successful coach Fatih Terim received a call from Rui Costa about his student Arda Güler.

Rui Costa, who survived one of the seasons of his career especially in the Fiorentina team under Fatih Terim, received the opinion of his former coach before the transfer of Arda Güler.

While Fenerbahce is trying to build a strong team for the upcoming season, big things are happening with their star player Arda Güler as well.

One of the clubs that attempted on the young 18-year-old star was Benfica. Benfica President Rui Costa had an unexpected meeting with Arda Güler. Rui Costa met with Fatih Terim, who coached Fiorentina and AC Milan.


Rui Costa called Fatih Terim and said they were interested in Arda Güler and asked, “What is your opinion? It is known that he asked the question “Would you recommend that we hand it over?” Terim’s answer to his former student was very clear.


Terim said, “Arda Güler is a great talent and she is very open to development. I highly recommend his transfer. Don’t miss it.” said it was said.


It became known that Benfica then made an official offer to Arde Güler.

On the other hand, it became known that Leipzig, one of the important clubs in the Bundesliga, also replaced Ardu Güler. It is reported that in the near future the German national team will make an official offer to the national footballer.


It became known that in honor of Arda Güler, the names of the clubs Barcelona, ​​​​Real Madrid and Milan began to be mentioned, and President Ali Koch made great efforts to keep the young star in the team.

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