Mike Pence, former Vice President of the United States, reacted to Donald Trump.

“History will hold him accountable,” former US Vice President Mike Pence said of former US President Donald Trump.

“History will hold him to account,” said former U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, saying former U.S. President Donald Trump was wrong about his role in the raid on Congress that took place on January 6, 2021.


Speaking to reporters at the annual event in Washington, Pence said: “President Trump was wrong. I didn’t have the authority to change the outcome of the election, and Trump’s rash words that day endangered me, my family, and everyone in government. “I know history will hold Donald Trump accountable,” he said. Pence called the US Congressional raid an “embarrassment”. After the US presidential election, which Donald Trump lost to Joe Biden in 2020, on January 6, 2021, when Congress announced the results, thousands of Trump supporters stormed the building. As vice president of the United States, Pence had the power to formalize the results from the states. Trump also reacted to Pence accepting the results on his Twitter account on the day of the Congressional raid.

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