Electric scooters are one of the most popular means of transportation around the world. It is widely used, especially among the younger population. However, these vehicles, which are widely used in almost all metropolitan areas of the world, are a matter of considerable controversy. There are those who claim that electric scooters are an alternative and environmentally friendly means of transportation, and there are those who claim that they lead to injury or even death. In the shadow of these electric scooter discussions, a remarkable thing has happened. Paris, the capital of France, has become the first city in the world to ban electric scooters. Let’s look at the details together.

After several fatal accidents involving electric scooters, there has been discussion about how safe these vehicles are.

While there were those who defended that vehicles were both a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to transport, there were also those who argued that they were not safe enough, leading to injuries and even fatal accidents. While this worldwide debate is going on, some very interesting news about electric scooters has arrived from Paris, the capital of France.

Paris becomes first city to ban electric scooters


The recent rise in scooter accidents, injuries and accidental deaths in the capital Paris has fueled the electric scooter controversy. Then it was decided that the inhabitants of Paris should vote for the fate of electric scooters. The decision to “ban electric scooters” came out in a referendum. Thus, Paris became the first city in the world to ban the use of electric scooters.

Nearly 90 percent of the Parisians who voted in the referendum wanted scooters to be banned.

However, the turnout in the referendum was quite low. According to official figures, although there are 1.38 million people on the voter lists, about 104,000 people took part in the referendum. 92,000 members voted to ban electric scooters.

Paris was one of the first cities where the use of electric scooters became widespread.


However, over time, accidents involving scooters have significantly changed the city’s attitude towards these vehicles. In addition, the Parisians’ decision was influenced by such criticisms as that electric scooters cause “parking problems” and that the sidewalks have become unusable due to the pile of parked scooters. However, the main reason for the decision to “ban” the referendum that determined the fate of scooters was the injuries and deaths caused by electric scooters.

According to official data, in 2022 in Paris there were 408 accidents involving electric scooters.


In these accidents, 459 people were injured and 3 people died. On the other hand, the fact that 12-year-olds can legally use electric scooters and most scooter drivers do not wear helmets were among the factors that led to the removal of scooters from the streets of Paris.

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