The Chinese social media platform TikTok is one of the most popular social networks of the recent period. The platform, which has millions of users worldwide, is also the focus of many social media discussions. Recently, some authorities in Europe and the US have claimed that TikTok has shared user data with the Chinese government, and the possibility of a US ban on the platform has come to the fore. As platform discussions continue, TikTok has announced that a system will be implemented that will allow content producers to generate more economic revenue: the TikTok Series.

The popular social media platform will allow content producers to sell premium videos to their subscribers with an announced new feature. The Chinese social media platform is said to be aiming to create a new earning model on the platform through the TikTok Series feature, thereby maintaining and strengthening its market position. So what is TikTok Series, let’s look at it together.

TikTok is one of the most popular social networks of the last period.

The platform of the technology giant ByteDance from China has millions of users around the world. Moreover, the number of users is increasing every day. However, TikTok is at the center of many different discussions.

TikTok is banned in the US

Recently, some senior officials in the US have raised concerns on the grounds that TikTok is “collecting the personal data of Americans” and said that the platform could become a threat to US national security. Along these lines, some senators are said to have drafted a bill that would allow TikTok to be banned, and the bill is welcomed by the US government.

However, the US government recently banned downloading and using TikTok on official devices used by government officials. In other words, given the newly drafted bill, the US could ban TikTok entirely in the coming days. However, TikTok is on the agenda these days with new news.

TikTok announces “TikTok Series” feature that will allow content producers to increase their revenue.

tik tok series

As you know, content producers on TikTok can earn money from gifts sent by the audience during their live broadcasts on the platform. Although this is the subject of various discussions, this method is one of the main sources of income for content producers on the platform. Here, TikTok aims to increase and diversify content producers’ revenue streams with the newly announced TikTok Series feature. So what is this TikTok series?

TikTok Series is a feature that allows content producers to sell their premium videos to their followers.

With this feature, those who want to watch premium videos prepared by the content producer have to pay a certain fee.

According to TikTok, there will be 80 videos in each collection.

The platform will also allow videos from these collections to be 20 minutes long. In other words, with the TikTok Series feature, the concept of “short video” on the platform may also change. With this new feature, which will allow content producers to produce videos up to 20 minutes long, TikTok content producers are said to be able to create products in formats similar to YouTube content.

Content producers will be able to set the price for the video themselves.

tik tok series

According to widespread information, content producers will be able to set prices for videos within the TikTok series from $1 to $190. Subscribers will be able to access related videos through the content producer’s profile.

Series videos must also adhere to “community guidelines,” according to the company’s statement.

tik tok series

On the other hand, creators will be able to receive all the income from the series for a “limited time”. In other words, TikTok will not receive any commission for a certain period of time from the fees paid for these videos. It is not yet clear how long this period and subsequent commission rates last. A senior TikTok official said:Since the series is in its early stages, we are currently focused on improving the product and getting feedback from our creators.” he uses.

TikTok Series is currently only available to certain creators.

tik tok series

However, it is stated that in the future the new application will be available to all content producers.

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