European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced the 9th package of sanctions against Russia.

The European Union (EU) has prepared its 9th package, which includes a number of sanctions, to which about 200 individuals and legal entities and 3 Russian banks have been added.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen shared a video on her social media account detailing the details of the 9th round of sanctions that are planned to be imposed against Russia.

Stating that Russia continues to bring death and destruction to Ukraine, von der Leyen said Russia deliberately tried to paralyze Ukraine during the winter by targeting civilians and infrastructure.

“Sanctions harm Russia”
Stressing that they will continue to support Ukraine, von der Leyen said: “The 8 packages of sanctions that we have put in place so far are hurting Russia.” used the phrase.

“Today we are increasing the pressure on Russia with the 9th package of sanctions,” von der Leyen said.

Von der Leyen said they have proposed adding about 200 more individuals and entities to the EU sanctions list, adding that the list includes military officers, Duma and Federation Council deputies, ministers and many politicians.

Von der Leyen stressed that the list also includes those who smuggled Ukrainian children to Russia and stole Ukrainian agricultural products.

Noting that they would introduce a complete ban on operations with the All-Russian Regional Development Bank, von der Leyen said that they propose to impose sanctions on 3 more Russian banks.

Von der Leyen said their goal is to deprive Russian President Vladimir Putin of funds.

Stressing that they want to apply new export controls and restrictions, especially on dual-use goods, von der Leyen said this includes basic chemicals, nerve gases, electronics and information technology products that could be used by the Russian army.

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