Lights were said to have been visible in the sky during the Kahramanmaras earthquake, which occurred on February 6, 2023 and is one of the most destructive earthquakes in Turkish history. Orkhan Tatar, Director General of AFAD for Earthquake and Earthquake Risk Reduction, made statements on this matter. Tatar said that at a depth of 8-9 kilometers the earth’s crust broke along a fault and this fault occurred along the friction plane. “Therefore, it is perfectly normal that a dense mass of light, similar to a lightning strike, occurs along the line where this fault breaks with such a large friction effect.” said. Let’s take a look at the details of this event, also called earthquake lights.

Orkhan Tatar, General Manager of AFAD Earthquake Risk Mitigation, held a press conference on the earthquake that affected more than 11 provinces of Kahramanmarash.

Orkhan Tatar made several statements about the earthquake. Saying that the number of aftershocks has now reached 640, Tatar noted that aftershocks will continue for a longer period of time after large earthquakes, such as the disaster that occurred in Kahramanmarash, with magnitudes of 7.7 and 7.6.Me. “It is extremely important to stay away from damaged buildings and not go into them.” he warned.

Among the aftershocks caused by two strong earthquakes, there were 1628 aftershocks of magnitude 3-4, 436 aftershocks of magnitude 4-5 and 40 aftershocks of magnitude 5-6.


Claiming that there is one aftershock of magnitude 6.6, Tatar said the aftershocks could intensify to magnitude 5 or more:

“You could say that an aftershock happens every 3-4 minutes. When we look at the magnitude of an earthquake, the highest measure is 12. The magnitude of the 7.7 earthquake we experienced on February 6 was 11. This is considered excessive. The intensity of the second earthquake with a magnitude of 7.6 corresponds to a magnitude of 10. We know that as a result of every 2 earthquakes, 5 different segments of the East Anatolian fault zone were destroyed. In addition to these broken segments, we know that, especially in the Doğansehir area of ​​Malatya, fractures occur at about 25 kilometers.”

The largest displacement measured in the field as a result of earthquakes is 7.3 meters.

In his statement, Tatar said that the earth’s crust had been displaced by about 7.3 meters to a depth of 8-9 kilometers, adding that the amount of energy released by these earthquakes increased to 30 quadrillion joules. The energy produced by an atomic bomb is known as 15 trillion joules, in which case the energy released by an earthquake is equal to 2,000 atomic bombs.

According to Tatar, lights in the sky during an earthquake are extremely normal.

During the earthquake, which occurred at 04:17 in the morning, it was seen that lights appeared in the sky, similar to lightning flashes. Declaring that this situation is normal, Tatar said: “At a depth of 8-9 kilometers, the earth’s crust is torn along a fault, and this fault occurs along the friction plane. Therefore, it is perfectly normal that a dense mass of light, like a lightning strike, form along the line where this fault breaks with such a large friction effect. said.

Here are the statements of the CEO of AFAD 👇

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