Morocco is an African country with a population of about 37 million people. The Moroccan national team, which made it to the semi-finals of the World Cup by knocking out Portugal in recent days, managed to draw the attention of the whole world to this success. The national team of the country, whose official name is the Kingdom of Morocco, achieved the title of the African team, which reached the semi-finals for the first time in history, at the 2022 FIFA World Cup. With this success, Morocco’s official language, religion, location on the map, and the country’s capital became a subject of curiosity. Now we are taking you on a short trip to Morocco. Where is Morocco located? What continent is Morocco on? Where is Morocco located? What is the capital of Morocco? What is the area of ​​Morocco with ethnic traces? What language does Morocco speak? If you want, let’s explore Morocco in detail together.

1. Where is Morocco located?

Among the most frequently asked questions about Morocco are “What continent is Morocco on?”, “Where is Morocco located?” questions come. We wanted to shed light on this issue. Morocco is a North African country. The official name of the country is the Kingdom of Morocco. Morocco, one of the countries of the Maghreb, is located at the northwestern tip of Africa. The long coastline of Morocco goes around the Strait of Gibraltar from the Atlantic Ocean and ends on the Mediterranean coast.

2. What is the capital of Morocco?

Where is Morocco located?

The capital of Morocco is a city called Rabat. Casablanca, Fes, Marrakech, Meknes, Essaovira, Mohammedia, Sale, Skhirat and Tangier can also be listed among the most famous cities in the country. So which countries does Morocco border on? Morocco is located at the northwestern tip of Africa; Algeria in the east, Spain in the north (Morocco is 13 km south of Spain) and Mauritania in the south.

The name of the country is known as “Al-Maghrib” which means “West” in Arabic, “I-Meghrib” in Berber and “Morocco” in English and many other languages. So, what is the system of government in Morocco? Let’s explain now. Officially called the Kingdom of Morocco, the country is governed by a parliamentary monarchy. In Morocco, you can see the king and the elected prime minister at the same time.

3. How big is Morocco?

Morocco, or officially the Kingdom of Morocco, has a population of around 37 million. The country is a North African country with an area of ​​720,000 km². We have already mentioned that its capital is Rabat and its largest city is Casablanca.

4. What language does Morocco speak?

Where is Morocco located?

The official religion of Morocco is Islam. Muslims in the country mainly belong to the Sunni and Maliki sects. There are also many Jews in the country whose religion was Christianity before Islam. Many members of the country’s Jewish community immigrated to Israel. The official language in Morocco is Arabic. Other languages ​​are also spoken in the country. These languages ​​include: Berber, Moroccan Arabic, Hassaniya Arabic and French. The official currency of Morocco is called the Moroccan Dirham. The Moroccan Dirham is known as “MAD” for short.

5. How to get to Morocco?

Where is Morocco located?

Recall that citizens of the Republic of Turkey who wish to travel to Morocco are provided with a visa-free stay for 90 days. All you need to travel to Morocco, where you can enter without a visa, is a passport with at least 6 months validity along with your ID! Morocco is undoubtedly one of the most important tourist destinations in the world. Finally, we would like to give you one more important information for those who want to visit Morocco. Morocco, which attracts attention with its geographical beauty, is also a very affordable country in economic terms, so you can plan an economically comfortable vacation.

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