Time flies at an incredible speed! Of course, despite all their wealth, fame and glorious life, world-famous names are also aging. What’s more, as famous names in the arts or entertainment industry spend their lives in front of screens, millions of people can closely watch celebrities age. Even remembering what some famous names looked like in the past requires a lot of effort! An artist named Ard Gelinck is helping millions of people in this moment…

Dutch photographer and graphic artist Ard Gehlink creates stunning photoshop work in which world-famous names frame their young and current photos in the same frame. Moreover, thanks to the high talent of the artist, impressive photographs are obtained. In addition, the works of a talented artist also reveal the incredible changes that famous names have undergone over time. Here are 35 impressive works by Dutch photographer Ard Gelinck, bringing together the past and present of famous names…

2. David Bowie


3. Matt LeBlanc

4. Joaquin Phoenix


5. Drew Barrymore


6. Will Smith


7. Julia Roberts

8. George Clooney

9. Scarlett Johansson

10. Jennifer Aniston

11. Bette Midler

12. Annie Lennox

13. Michael J. Fox

14. Anthony Kiedis

15. Jerry Lee Lewis

16. Belinda Carlisle

17. Larenz Tate

18. Ricky Gervais


19. Snoop Dogg

20. Angelina Jolie

21. Jamie Lee Curtis

22. Max Verstappen

23. Mark Hamill

24. Roger Federer

25. Harrison Ford

26. Michael Jordan

27. Morgan Freeman


28. Bill Murray


29. Hugh Grant

30. Harry Styles


31. Serena Williams


32. Cameron Diaz


33. Charlize Theron


34. James Hetfield


35. Lisa Kudrow


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