Nusret Gökçe, or Nusret as it is commonly pronounced, is a social media phenomenon known not only in Turkey but all over the world. Nusret’s recent fame is so great that every step of the successful phenomenon turns into a trend that affects millions of people on social networks. Thus, the most famous names in the world are among the followers and clients of the well-known phenomenon. So much so that meeting someone who the whole world does not recognize among the photos that Nusret shared on social networks is almost impossible.

However, what has brought the famous name to the agenda lately is not his social media posts or his celebrity friends, but his attitude! Nusret says that he did not leave the famous Argentine footballer Lionel Messi “alone” after the final match of the World Cup in the past days. In footage viewed by thousands of people on social networks, it is noteworthy that Nusret stubbornly continues to take pictures with Argentina captain Messi. Nusret, who managed to “intimidate” even Messi, who could not be stopped by any of the opponent’s defenders on the green field, has been the most talked about name on social networks for several days now.

However, Nusret is now on the agenda with photos shared by another social media phenom, Dan Bilzerian. Bilzerian shared photos that Nusret had sent him over the years on his social media account. “Everyone is talking about how weird this Salt Bae is, I’ve known that for years.” used phrases. Let’s look at the details together…

Nusret Goekce, also known as Salt Bae, is a well-known business operator and social media phenomenon.

Nusret’s restaurants around the world and his social media posts are full of world famous personalities. However, this is not what makes Nusret the top item on the social media agenda these days. After the final match of the World Cup with Lionel Messi …

With the end of the World Cup final, the Argentine footballers and technical team that won the Cup experienced great happiness. But there was someone else who wanted to share the happiness of the Argentine champions!

Nusret Gokce entered the field after the whistle signaling the end of the match and took a breath along with the Argentine players. Enjoying the championship to the fullest, Salt Bae took pictures with Argentina’s champion team, from Ángel Di Maria to Paulo Dybala, and smiled for the cameras during the World Cup… However, there was one name that Nusret wanted to capture. There is a photo with: Lionel Messi.

Nusret, who wanted to take a photo with Lionel Messi, couldn’t find what he expected. But he wasn’t about to give up.


Nusret, who wanted to experience the enthusiasm of the championship at the height, caught Messi by the hand! The Argentinian captain got rid of Nusret’s markings with a flexible movement, as he did with his opponents on the green field. However, he was not a tired defender, but a social media phenomenon focused on his goal.

Once again, Nusret made his move and knocked Messi out of his way again… Messi looked around pleadingly, but could not avoid Nusret’s close attention. Thus, the fight between Nusret and Messi continued for some time… These footage, viewed by millions of people on social networks, soon became the most important item on the agenda…

Nusret emerged victorious from a stubborn struggle. The social media phenomenon has finally succeeded in capturing the “World Cup flashback” with Lionel Messi.


Nusret, who didn’t “miss” Messi, was also on the agenda of social media phenom Dan Bilzerian.


Bilzerian, who is followed by millions, said Nusret has been sending him photos since 2015. Bilzerian, who shared the photos sent by Nusret on his social media account, said:Everyone is talking about how weird this Salt Bae is, I’ve known that for years.” used phrases.

Nusret Gokce’s discomfort with Messi and Dan Bilzerian’s posts about it became the first item on the social media agenda.


Thousands of people shared their thoughts on the Nusret event, which marked the end of the World Cup, on their social media accounts. Here are some of those posts…


















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