Wattpad is a digital book platform with thousands of readers worldwide. Moreover, this platform offers its users the opportunity to read the works of amateur writers for free. Wattpad, which is almost a content paradise for high potential writers, is also home to almost all kinds of books. Get ready to add to your list the most romantic of the Wattpad books that have a sizable audience. What are the best love books on Wattpad? What are the most read love books on Wattpad, the digital reading platform? What works stand out among Wattpad romance books on the Wattpad platform? We have collected the details for you and prepared a wonderful list. Here are 14 of the most ambitious love books in the Wattpad universe for our readers who love romance, love, and intrigue…

1. Istanbul – Tugba Sain

At the top of our list of the best love books on Wattpad is Istanbul by Tugba Sayin. So what does Istanbul say? We follow the journey of Mina, a high school student, from Bursa to Istanbul, a city where a story of love, separation, pain and reunion lives. In fact, it all starts with this journey. Surrounded by all sorts of coincidences and brought by fate, this story also accompanies a warm love story. Istanbul, a youth story that will warm your heart, opens the door to a passionate, dynamic and exciting adventure.

2. You are not alone – Ferihan Kasym

Once again, the ambitious love story You Are Not Alone takes the reader on a completely different adventure. The romance grows deeper as the pages of the story turn, where distances are negligible and reveal passionate love. You Are Not Alone is written by Wattpad writer Ferihan Kasym and earns its place on our list of the best Wattpad love books.

3. Jug of love – Bouquet Ozdal

Written by Bouquet Koyun, “Bottle of Love” ranks among the most read books with over 6 million clicks among Wattpad love books. The book conveys the love of two characters named Hira and Aras. A passionate love story, the book conveys love and affection to the reader from another window.

“You make me feel at home,” I said. Peaceful, safe, happy. “From the day I met you, it was so hard for me to protect you… Because wherever I go, wherever I turn, my face hits you. You never gave me a chance to escape. You didn’t tell me to go. You never left me.”

4. Shadow of the past – Sumeyra Ardych

“Shadow of the Past,” which ranks #4 on our list of the best love books on Wattpad, is written by young Wattpad writer Sumeira Andych. An ignorant girl and a fake life built on lies. Get ready to embark on a tumultuous tale of impossible love and lost lives full of sacrifice! A work dedicated to forgotten dreams and passion, one of the most popular love books on Wattpad.

5. Thousands of feelings – Edgem Altynok

The author, who had a big break with his first book “Beyaz Tutsak”, returns to the stage with his second book, the story “A Thousand Senses”. The work of a young writer “A Thousand Senses”; It’s about the story of Keigin, Amen and Bud. Again, by focusing on the story of love and passion, Wattpad draws attention to a number of the best romance books.

6. Queen of Spades 8 – Dilara Pamuk

The Queen of Spades, published in 2017 and garnering attention for its plot, is written by Dilara Pamuk. The book, which consists of three parts, tells the story of an intriguing love story. The script, which is dominated by pain, love, passion and chaos, takes the reader on a completely different adventure. The Queen of Spades 8 remains on Wattpad’s top notch best love books list.

7th Solstice – Idil Elif Uzun

Among the best love books on Wattpad, Gündönümü written by Idil Elif Uzun manages to be one of the most read love stories on the platform. Set in the dynastic wars of a surreal world, Solstice is a very gripping book about love. Briefly, the work tells the story of Selina Woodville, who grew up believing that she would be queen until the day her cousin’s engagement to the king is announced, when she misses her chance and seizes a great kingdom as a prisoner of her ambitions. .

8. Last laugh – Meryem Nart

Wattpad best love books

Unfortunately, not only time has changed over time. Fairy tales change and transform like Cinderella. “The Last Laugh,” written by Meryem Nart, touches on this very topic. It’s an unusual story that in our time Cinderella tans from excessive sun exposure, and when she gets tired of heels, she gives herself to glass Nike Air Max sneakers! Well, if this princess has Prince Charming, why not Prince Charming? A contemporary Cinderella tale written by a young writer opens the door to a different love story.

9. Street guards – Asli Arslan

Wattpad best love books

This is the story of Helin Aktan, who was severely injured as a child and was included in the Team by Koza at the age of seventeen. Helin is sent to Street Watch as an agent for her latest mission, but is unaware that she will meet five people on the road who are at least as injured as she is. Street Watch, written by Asli Arslan, touches on the themes of love, trust and self-sacrifice.

10. Beyza Ozaidyn is on my side

“Yang with Me” written by Beiza Ozaidin is a great choice for Wattpad readers who love passionate and bold love stories! If you are looking for a love that you can afford to walk on fire, we recommend that you take a look at this book! What’s more, the story, which has a huge readership and has been read over 93 million times, was announced as the winner of the 2015 Wattsey Contest. Beiza Ozaidin is one of the most widely read writers among Wattpad writers.

11. 3391 km – Beyza Alkoch

Wattpad best love books

We will tell about the love story to which many lives are devoted and epics are written. What can stand in the way of this ancient and sacred feeling that makes Majnun cross deserts and Ferhat pierce mountains? Kilometer 3391 is a breathtaking work that shows how obstacles disappear when it comes to love. The book is written to warm hearts with the warm story of two young people. We say: get ready to feel love to the marrow of your bones with 3391 Kilometer, which once again proves that nothing is impossible in love, which makes it possible to feel without touching and see without looking!

12. Beyoglu-Betul K.

Wattpad best love books

The story that began with Ahu Aladag, who enchants everyone he looks at with his brown eyes, continues with Yaman Beyoglu, who has gray-blue eyes and who strikes Ahu’s eyes with his tough stance. So how did two different people and two different lives intersect in the forest? The complex and difficult life of Beyoglu was supposed to open the door to a completely different world for Ahu, but will love win in the end? We suggest you add Beyoglu to your reading list for more details.

13. Ropeway – Kübra Gumus

Wattpad best love books

When Khayal and Selim get stuck on the cable car they paid for one person, their plans are completely turned upside down. Despite all the interventions of the rescue teams, the duo, who could not go down to the bottom for a long time, have nothing to do. However, things don’t go the way they both hoped, and the doors of intrigue-flavored fun will open. Written by Kubra Gümüş, Ropeway tells a fascinating and surprising love story.

14. Quarantine – Beyza Alkoch

Wattpad best love books

We round out our list of the best love books on Wattpad with Beiza Alkoch, one of the most read love book authors on the platform. So, what does the work of the author, who attracts attention with his quarantine work, tell about? Zeynep faces frightening events at his new school and suddenly finds himself in quarantine. On the first day of school, rumors spread that an epidemic had arisen, and for this reason, the students were placed in quarantine at the school. Meanwhile, Zeynep stumbles upon a girl’s corpse on the ground in one of the school’s dark corridors. Not knowing what to do, our hero is horrified. In the continuation of the story, both complex events and a love story sprout.

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