Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that nuclear weapons would be deployed in Belarus.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that his country will deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus in response to Western arms supplies to Ukraine. “We will do this without violating our international nonproliferation obligations,” Putin said. said.

In an interview with the Rossiya-24 TV channel, Russian President Putin made statements on the issues on the agenda.

Answering the question whether Western arms supplies to Ukraine pose a threat to Russia, Putin said: “Of course, there is a threat. This is a real threat when weapons are shipped to a country with which we are in conflict.” He said.

Noting that the number of weapons supplied to Ukraine is large, Putin said: “This is a large number, but according to the information we have, 14-15 thousand artillery shells are produced in the United States every month. According to the information available to our fighters, the Armed Forces of Ukraine fires about 5,000 shells per day and day. The United States plans to produce 42,000 shells every month next year and 75,000 shells in 2025.” said.

Noting that military-industrial production in Russia is developing very rapidly, Putin said that over the same period they plan to produce 3 times more artillery shells than the amount of weapons that the West plans to supply to Ukraine.

Assessing Britain’s claim that it would supply Ukraine with depleted uranium munitions and that it was not dangerous in terms of radiation, Putin said: “That’s not true. This is not a weapon of mass destruction. It’s a fact, but uranium munitions create radiation dust. In this sense, of course, it is a dangerous weapon.” He said.

Explaining that this type of ammunition was used in the former Yugoslavia and Iraq, Putin drew attention to the fact that this led to a multiple increase in cancer.

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