Finally, the brightest and most fun time of the year has come. On these hot days it is almost impossible to remain indifferent to the glamorous beauty of nature! During these months, you can engage in many activities that create a favorable atmosphere for outdoor sports. If your plans include having fun at beautiful outdoor events while enjoying nature and sports at the same time, we are pleased to present Decathlon MayFest to you!

1. What is Decathlon MayFest?

Everyone has the right to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. However, you may not know where and how to train in the rhythm of modern life. For this reason, it is useful to take a look at the Decathlon MayFest events to discover the different sports and interesting aspects of the sport.

Organized in 3 metropolitan cities as part of the Decathlon MayFest, these free sports festivals aim to be there for sports fans when they need it, guiding and inspiring as they discover new sports.

Decathlon’s motto is “Free sport for all”. “VitalFest” Events will be held this year in Turkey in honor of May 19, the Day of Remembrance of Ataturk, Youth and Sports. “There should not be those who do not play sports in May!” Sports fans are getting ready to come together for this event, which has come to life under the motto. So what’s in store for you at Decathlon MayFest? What opportunities and surprises does Turkey’s biggest sports festival offer to sports fans?

2. You can easily get the sports equipment you need with Decathlon MayFest discounts.

Decathlon offers sports fans more than 80 products from more than 20 sports lines with special discounts for this period. In other words, if you want to witness the magnificent change of nature and take your sporting experience to the next level, you can check out Decathlon MayFest discounts by clicking here.

3. Lots of entertainment awaits you at free sports events

Decathlon is gearing up to host the biggest sports festival in Turkey this year! In 3 different cities and in 4 days!

Decathlon MayFest events this year;

June 4 Istanbul – Maltepe Orhangazi Park,

June 11 Izmir – Bostanli beach,

June 17-18 Ankara – It will take place in Gazi Park.

Sports and nature lovers will have an unforgettable experience at almost 15 sports fields, which will be created with free sports festivals, various tournaments and spectacular stage performances. You can click here for detailed information.

4. Don’t miss the free workshops at Decathlon MayFest.


Decathlon is doing its best to make the MayFest spring season filled with sports and fun! How? Get quick general maintenance on your bikes, scooters, skates and skateboards free of charge at Decathlon Shops!

Of course, campers are not forgotten either. During the Decathlon MayFest period, you can also use our tent pole replacement service free of charge.

5. Time spent outdoors will be much more enjoyable thanks to special offers.


Camping is one of the best ways to get away from the noise of the city. Communication with nature creates a feeling of renewal and relaxation, while the body rests. However, in order to have a pleasant camping experience, it is essential that you carry your equipment properly and completely. Decathlon MayFest offers are not limited to free workshops and sporting events! Some products that are indispensable for all nature lovers who love to spend time in nature and outdoors are offered at attractive prices. This special camping table, which is quick to set up and easy to carry, is one of the products you never want to miss. You can click here to view and purchase the product in detail.

6. Special offers await you not only in stores, but also in the Decathlon app


Decathlon offers sports as part of MayFest. Those who place their first order on the Decathlon app between 17 May and 18 June 2023 will receive a 50 TL gift voucher to use on their second order! The gift certificates won are sent to customers via the email they created the order with. We remind you that the won gift certificates are valid for all products! You can use the link here to go to the Decathlon App.

7. With Decathlon MayFest, don’t be a person who doesn’t play sports!


Decathlon MayFest aims to bring all sports lovers together, provide them with unique opportunities, give them a different perspective on their sporting experience and guide them.

Among the goals of this largest and most comprehensive sports festival in Turkey, there is one priority. Decathlon, on this journey that began with the idea “No one should play sports in May”; Combining nature, entertainment and sports, it invites everyone to play sports and act. Decathlon MayFest is open to everyone who does not give up their passion for the sport!

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