For a long time, they wondered what the new minimum wage would be, closely related to the whole of Turkey. Workers, employers and government representatives met for the second time in the past few days to discuss a temporary increase in the minimum wage. However, after the meeting, it was not announced what the minimum wage will be in the new period. The question asked by millions was answered today by Vedat Ishihan, Minister of Labor and Social Security. Ishihan announced that the minimum wage has been raised to 11,402 TL. Let’s look at the details together.

The Minimum Wage Determination Commission met for the third time today to determine a temporary rate increase.

At previous meetings, the requirements, expectations and work of the parties were discussed, but no consensus was reached on raising the minimum wage.

minimal salary

Vedat Ishihan, the Minister of Labor and Social Protection, announced the size of the minimum wage in the new period after the meeting.

minimal salary

The minimum wage increased by 34 percent to a net level of TL 11,402.

minimal salary

Ishikhan, in his statement to the press after the meeting of the commission, indicated the size of the minimum wage in the new period: “I hope the new minimum wage will be a boon before the holiday. The result of the work of the commission was the agreement of workers and employers. In the second half of 2023, the gross minimum wage was 13 thousand 14 and the net minimum wage was set at 11 thousand 402 lira. The growth was 34 percent. The minimum wage support applied at 400 TL will continue to apply at 500 TL.” announced from his words.

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