Who hasn’t heard of Twitch, the live streaming platform where you can watch everything from Minecraft videos to cooking demos. Recently, Twitch has a serious competitor. Kick, which has just joined the live streaming platforms, has already attracted the attention of many users. So what is Kik? Here’s everything you need to know about Twitch’s new rival, Kick👇

There has been a lot of competition in the live streaming platform space in recent years. Many companies, from Facebook Gaming to Microsoft Mixer, have announced and shut down their live streaming platforms. The latest Twitch competitor to take the throne in this field was Kick. So what exactly is Kick and how is it different from Twitch from Amazon?

Kick is basically positioned similarly to Twitch and many people on the internet describe it as a Twitch clone. In this post, we’ll answer all your questions about Kick, including what services it provides, when it opened, and who’s involved. We will also look at the differences between Kick and Twitch. Here’s what you need to know👇

What is a blow?

Kick launched on December 1, 2022. Kick, which is still in beta, is clearly designed to compete with Twitch. However, the company behind Kick is known to be Stake.com. Stake.com is an online gambling site dedicated to cryptocurrency.

Looking at Kick for a few seconds, you can see that it has almost the same layout as Twitch. Even websites can look the same when viewed from afar. Kick allows viewers to watch live streams based on personal interest or followed/favorite streamers much like Twitch. Offering better moderation rules and better revenue sharing than Twitch, Kick is focusing on being more broadcaster friendly. You can use the platform from web browsers, Android apps or iPhone/iPad.

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What is the difference between Kick and Twitch?


Visually and functionally, these two services are very similar to each other. This includes things like menus, color schemes, category searches, and chat options. The longtime Twitch user will have no problem switching services if his favorite streamer switches to Kick.

Perhaps most important compared to other platforms may be what goes on behind the scenes of Kick. Kick publishers receive 95% of their revenue and give 5% to the platform. Compared to the 50% offered by Twitch, and even the 70% offered by YouTube, this revenue sharing applied by Kick makes the platform much more attractive to publishers. Not only that, Kick also offers publishers the option to pay out 100% of their donations on the same day, with no deductions.

It can also be said that the content rules of the service are much lighter compared to Twitch. Other than that, gaming content that stands out from the categories on the platform is much more prominent than others. There is even a lite category on the platform called “pools, hot tubs and bikinis”, or in other words, similar to OnlyFans.

Here, parents may have to keep a close eye on what their child is watching. The pool and hot tub category is also available on Twitch. However, in Kick, as we mentioned above, the content rules are quite flexible.

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However, the platform that stands out for its game streams like Fortnite and Minecraft still puts a lot of emphasis on things like chat, music, and party browsing along with the gaming category. The platform can be described as a more adult oriented platform compared to Twitch.

To date, Kick has far fewer viewers than Twitch. But the platform owners; Hikaru Nakamura somehow lured famous streamers like Tyler “Trainwreck” Nicknam and Caitlin “Amouranth” Siragusa to get started.

Let’s see if the big fanbases of these streamers turn into a wider audience. Kick will definitely be needed to generate enough income.

While the community guide lists several rules that publishers and subscribers must follow, Ed Craven (co-founder of Stake.com) noted that there are only two. Ed Craven stated that pornography and hate speech on the platform is unacceptable.

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Famous names broadcasting on Kick


Kick, as we mentioned above, is trying to bring Twitch viewers to the platform over other platforms as it is a copy of Twitch. The low income has attracted many streamers to Twitch. Below you can take a look at some of the popular streamers who have switched to Kick.

  • xQc
  • amaranth
  • Adin Ross
  • GMHkaru
  • Trainwreckstv

Much of Kick’s attention comes from the presence of these publishers on the platform. Interestingly, Kick and xQc have signed a two-year contract to broadcast on Kick. This deal could potentially net him $100 million.

As a result, Kick stands out as a revolutionary innovation brought by modernity to the world of entrepreneurship and finance. With a user-friendly interface, a wide network of investors and an innovative approach, it is easier for entrepreneurs to access the necessary resources to implement their projects. At the same time, it provides new opportunities for investors to help them diversify their portfolios.

The Kick platform has exciting potential as it will continue to support the successful projects of the future by making a significant contribution to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. This innovative platform carries a vision that will shape the success stories of the future, offering unlimited potential to entrepreneurs and investors.

Twitch, a subsidiary of Amazon, seems to be the leader among today’s live streaming platforms. While Kick may seem like a cheap copy to users in many ways, such platforms can be quite important in terms of competition. However, one of the biggest problems with live streaming platforms is that the server fees are high. While Kick has been making good progress, this may soon change. Note that the loss of Twitch blood is good for competition, as many streamers are switching to Kick due to revenue sharing and so on. Ultimately, creators and viewers will benefit from this.

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Other frequently asked questions about Kick


Who owns Kik?

Answering this question is more difficult than you might imagine. The most famous sponsor seems to be the cryptocurrency gambling website Stake.com. Another interested party is the Australian startup Easygo.

Does Kick have an app?

If you don’t want to watch the platform through a web browser, it has apps for Android and iPhone/iPad.

Are there ads on Kick?

Yes, they are relatively few. Currently, the only major partner is luxury car manufacturer Alfa Romeo, whose F1 racing team goes by the names Kick and Stake.com. While there are no plans for pre-roll ads or in-stream banners, the goal is for advertisers to work directly with publishers.

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