Today, millions of people use dozens of different dating apps to meet new people and, if possible, find true love. Most of these apps are built for the digital world. Naturally, the “first meetings” of people using these applications also take place in the digital world. Recently, however, more interesting and face-to-face dating processes have become popular in our country. Speed ​​Dating is one such interesting process.

Thanks to the photos of the event held in a cafe in Istanbul Cihangir, which were published on social networks, this new generation matchmaking event, which many of us are not familiar with, has become one of the most curious topics of recent days. Many internet users are looking for answers to questions such as what is Speed ​​Dating and how to conduct Speed ​​Dating. Here’s what you need to know about the remarkable last-day matchmaking event.

What is speed dating?

Speed ​​dating or speed dating is essentially the process of introducing people to potential partners. But it is very different from Tinder and similar dating apps.

Because the people who participate in the Speed ​​Dating event meet face to face. While some people are wary of these next generation dating activities, there are those who find it extremely rewarding for people to find potential partners.

Participants of the event have the opportunity to meet and communicate with each other closely.

However, as the name of the event suggests, this first meeting is held quite “quickly” and within certain rules. In many cases, the time of the first meeting at events is limited to 5-8 minutes. Thus, all participants in the event have the opportunity to get to know each other.

The “quick” nature of the event offers people the opportunity to get to know more people. Thus, it is claimed to be an effective method of finding potential partners.

How does the Speed ​​Dating process work?

Events where people quickly meet large numbers of people are often organized by businesses such as a coffee shop, restaurant or bar. Those wishing to take part in the event after registration go to the appropriate site on the day of the event. Then the event begins under the supervision of a person who leads the process.

People who do not know each other gather at speed dating events, everyone who attends the event communicates with each other even for a short time.

At the end of the event, people who liked each other, i.e. “match”, can meet regardless of the event if they want to.

Speed ​​Dating is a very popular app in Europe and the US.

speed dating

So much so that the origins of this extraordinary matchmaking activity date back to the 1990s. Some countries even have organizations that help people meet face to face and quickly.

Speed ​​dating is very common these days among people who don’t like digital dating apps like Tinder, which has millions of users, and are looking for potential partners in the real world.

speed dating

The event, which recently took place in a cafe in Istanbul Cihangir, caused the concept to come to the fore in our country as well.

speed dating

Images posted on social media show the officer briefing the participants on the event. Speaking about the rules, the speaker states that with the ringing of the bell, the women will remain in place, and the men will change places every 4 minutes.

Finally, the officer states that with the end of the dating chapter, the event will begin “free time” and those who wish will be able to start chatting with each other.

Since the Speed ​​Dating Istanbul event, the new generation dating model has become one of the hottest concepts on the internet.

speed dating

Questions such as what is Speed ​​Dating, where is Speed ​​Dating organized, and the like are among the questions that many users search for answers on the Internet. So what do you think about this?

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