The Sultans of the Net have added another one to their historical achievements in recent days, beating China 3-1 in the final match of the League of Nations and bringing home the championship trophy. After this historic championship, our national women’s volleyball team climbed to first place in the world rankings. Naturally, the important success of the Sultans of the Set was greeted with great satisfaction throughout the country. But there were those who were not satisfied with this victory! Known for his ugly style and scandalous posts, Yeni Akit, after this historic victory, set his sights on Ebrar Karakurt, one of the stars of our team. After the scandalous posts of the so-called newspaper about Karakurt, the reaction did not slow down. Let’s look at the details together.

The Seti Sultans have managed to become champions by defeating their strong rival China in the Nations League final over the past few days.

Adding something new to their historical achievements, the Sultans of the Seti climbed to the first step of the world ranking after the victory that brought the trophy.

The historic success of our national women’s volleyball team has been greeted with great acclaim throughout Turkey.

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However, there were those who were not satisfied with the championship!

The so-called Yeni Akit newspaper attacked Ebrar Karakurt, one of the stars of the national team, with scandalous statements.

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Yeni Akit, accustomed to his low and ugly style, used extremely inappropriate expressions about Ebrar Karakurt such as “our national shame” and “gay pervert.” The so-called newspaper, in its so-called news headlined “Message of the championship from our national disgrace Ebrar Karakurt”, said: “The message of the championship came from Ebrar Karakurt, one of the disgraced names in the national team due to his lifestyle, contrary to the value of the Turkish society.” made statements.

After the scandalous exchange of Yeni Akit, the reaction was not long in coming

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Yeni Akit, who targeted Ebrar Karakurt, one of the most successful players in our national team, with an extremely ugly expression, provoked a reaction from many social media users, including well-known names. However, there was strong support for Ebrar Karakurt, an important part of the Sultans of the Network, who achieved great success on behalf of our country and made millions of people happy. Here are some of those reactions on social media.















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