Netflix is ​​one of the most popular digital broadcasting platforms in the world, with a large library of series, movies, documentaries, entertainment and shows. The platform connects these productions with audiences in over 190 countries. The most notable Netflix product of late is Netflix Original Content. Movie and TV series producers in different parts of the world have the ability to reach audiences around the world by crossing local borders through Netflix. Accordingly, Netflix original content also transmits many elements of the culture of the country in which it is produced to different parts of the world. In this direction, at the end of December last year, in partnership with Netflix and the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), a study was conducted on how series and films on a digital platform affect cultural ties between countries. A study called “Cultural Affinity Study” produced remarkable data on Turkey and domestic products made in Turkey. Accordingly, Netflix content produced in Turkey significantly increases the interest in Turkey around the world. Let’s look at the details together…

A cultural similarity study was conducted to find out how domestic productions on digital platforms form cultural bonds between countries.

The study involved 13,000 Netflix users from the United States, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Spain, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. The study, which is a very comprehensive survey of the public, has revealed very important data on how domestic production on Netflix affects cultural ties between countries.

Among the products examined in the study, there were more than 30 Turkish series and films on Netflix. In this way, interesting data was obtained on how television series and films shot in Turkey influenced people living in different geographical regions of the world, and how they influenced their thoughts about Turkey and Turkish culture.

Netflix members watch more Turkish series and movies than non-members

cultural affinity research

According to a study of cultural similarity, Netflix members watch 1.5 times more products made in Turkey than non-members. In other words, Netflix helps local products reach more people, make cultural elements more visible, and bring them to other regions.

Domestic production of Netflix increases interest in Turkey

According to the study, people who watch local Netflix movies are 2.6 times more willing to visit Turkey than those who don’t. In other words, Turkish movies on Netflix greatly increase people’s interest in Turkey around the world. However, thanks to domestic production on Netflix, the countries with the most growth in tourist interest are Brazil, the United States and the United Arab Emirates.

Turkish culture is also becoming popular through local productions.

For example, the share of those who say “I’m interested in Turkish culture” among those who watch local productions on Netflix is ​​29% higher than among those who do not. The number of those who said they wanted to “learn Turkish” after watching domestic films is 4.6 times higher than those who did not. After Netflix Turkish content, the country with the most people wanting to learn Turkish is the United States.

On the other hand, Turkish movies on Netflix not only increase interest in the Turkish language. Netflix viewers participating in the study were 29 percent more interested in Turkish cuisine, 27 percent more interested in Turkish history, and 22 percent more interested in Turkish literature.

Domestic production has a positive impact not only on the sphere of culture, but also on trade and the economy.

cultural affinity research

Users who watch Turkish series and movies also state that their desire to “meet people and do business with people in Turkey” has increased. It is claimed that there is a 17 percent increase in the number of those who are ready to “purchase goods and services produced in Turkey after viewing Turkish production.”

Series and films produced in Turkey also contribute to the development of the creative sectors in the country.

cultural affinity research

A cultural proximity survey shows that Netflix users who watch Turkish films are 4.6 times more interested in Turkish directors and 4.9 times more interested in actors.

Turkish movies on Netflix are popular in many countries around the world.

cultural affinity research

For example, in 2022, The Olive Tree was on the Top 10 TV Series list in 45 different countries, and Yakamoz S-245 was in 35 different countries. “You Look Live” 76, “Love Tactics” in 70 countries “Top 10 Movies” put their name on the list. In addition, it is stated that many domestic productions will meet with millions of viewers in 190 countries in 2023, and this situation will further increase interest in Turkey and Turkish culture.

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