Netflix gaming services do not want to limit their game development efforts to mobile devices. So much so that it wants to expand its gaming services to PCs and TVs, and in order to do this, it has set its own cloud gaming service… Mike Verdu, the company’s vice president of games development, confirmed the company’s request and made several statements about this: “We will approach this goal like on a mobile phone; We think this is the step we need to take. Start small, be humble, think long term.” said andIndeed, anyone who gets access to any device where people can access the Netflix app will be able to use this service.” he finished his speech. Let’s look at the details together.

Netflix’s cloud gaming goals aren’t all that surprising; As first reported in August, the company was already looking for several employees to build its own cloud gaming infrastructure.

Verdu did not share details, but suggested that the company wants to achieve an experience where you can have more than the usual games on TVs. At this stage, he chose not to indicate whether Netflix would make its own game controllers, as was the case with the failed Google Stadia service, but made it clear that there are solutions other than TV remotes for using this type of game service.

Netflix and mobile games

As you navigate the vast Netflix main menu (and probably can’t decide what to watch), you might have stumbled upon a section labeled “Mobile Games” tucked away somewhere in the seemingly endless interface. Yes, a small library of games is included with your Netflix subscription, and while it has been around since late 2021, not all Netflix subscribers may be aware of this feature.

But what about this service? Are they in a situation similar to the Google Stadia service, which is now unofficially “down”? Do they still release modern games? Or do you need one of the best smartphones to play games from the Netflix library? We have researched for you.

Before explaining Netflix games, it is necessary to talk about how it works. While Netflix is ​​known to have a high streaming performance, it does not work like Google Stadia which claims to provide game streaming. Instead, when you select one of the games listed on the Netflix app, the app directs you to your phone’s app store to download the game itself.

This means that the game you want to play is permanently installed on your phone. As such, storage is still a feature that players should check regularly. Games load fine, but instead of signing into Google Play Games or Apple Game Center, you sign into the game with your Netflix credentials. These are games exclusively for Netflix subscribers and you cannot play them if you do not have a Netflix subscription.

The sign-in process is automatic, and the added benefit of Netflix games is that all your game data is saved online and synced across devices. It’s also cross-platform, so you can run Netflix games on your Android phone and keep playing on your iPad without damaging your game data. The last big advantage is that the games are truly free. You don’t have to pay anything to get the best equipment or to progress quickly in the game, so we say goodbye to in-app payments at Netflix Games!

Netflix Game Library and New Game Company

Netflix has released 35 games on mobile so far, and the company said 55 more games are in line as it prepares to meet players as part of a statement about its game development efforts. Verdu added that 14 of these games are from Netflix’s own studios and that the company will soon open an additional studio in Southern California.

Also among the information there is information that the studio will be managed by Chacko Sonny, who previously worked as a producer of the world-famous Overwatch series released by Activision Blizzard. Sonny left Blizzard in September last year after five years at the studio. Company.

Verdu, who also made the announcement about Sonny, said: “We’re building a team around him and look forward to him helping us determine which games we can use in the short and long term to reach our cloud gaming goal.” In September, Marco Lastikka, former CEO of Zynga and EA; He has been appointed head of Netflix’s first in-house game studio to be established in Helsinki, Finland.

Netflix seems uncompetitive for alternative gameplay right now

Mike Verdu, Netflix VP of Games

Verdu described Netflix’s gaming expansion as a major breakthrough for the company; however, he also emphasized that it is a slow and painstaking work, even lasting for years. However, it is clear that the company is already paying off these efforts. In an effort to provide an alternative gaming experience without competing with video game consoles, Netflix summarized their final take on Verdu:

“We don’t expect you to subscribe to Netflix instead of using game consoles. It’s a completely different business model. We hope to create a very practical way to play games wherever you are.”

Let’s see if the Netflix cloud gaming service can achieve the expected or targeted success. Follow the development of events!

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