Russian President Vladimir Putin said that in the ongoing war with Ukraine, NATO has used all its means against Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin made statements at a meeting of his country’s Defense Ministry. “Almost all NATO assets are being used against Russia,” Putin said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying that NATO had used almost every means against Russia, said: “Russia will fulfill its obligations. Our task is to develop our armed forces. “Russia will build up its military potential,” he said.

However, the Russian president highlighted the experience his country has gained in Syria and said: “This military experience must be used. You must analyze the experience of NATO. We will continue to increase the combat readiness of our nuclear forces. We will equip our strategic forces with modern weapons. All plans will be fulfilled,” he said.

Putin: All capabilities of NATO are being used against Russia – 1
Speaking after Putin, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Russia had declared war to save people in Ukraine from genocide and terrorism.

Shoigu said: “The combined forces of the West are trying to ignore blackmail. The Ukrainian army is destroyed. We encountered difficulties during the partial mobilization,” he said.


On the other hand, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky traveled to Washington, the US capital. Zelensky will meet with Congressional officials and chairmen of the national security committees of the Republican and Democratic parties.

Zelensky and US President Joe Biden will hold a press conference at the White House as part of what will be Zelensky’s first known foreign visit since Russia’s February 24 invasion of Ukraine. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that they do not expect a positive result from Zelensky’s visit to the United States.

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