Every parent has their own way of raising children. Everyone may have different opinions about what is right and what is wrong, but some practices are so unusual that they inevitably catch the eye. Especially if certain behavior threatens the safety and well-being of children! Thus, people cannot remain silent about such situations. One of them is the interesting mother Shameka Morris, who covers the body of her baby with tattoos. Morris, a fashion designer from Florida, began tattooing the baby when his son Trailin was only six months old. When the tattoo-loving young mother shared it on social media, the reaction was, of course, not long in coming. Let’s look at the details together👇

The tattoos that Morris gave his son are not real, although they look similar. However, the head-to-toe tattoo on the little boy’s body drew criticism.

Now it is important to note that these tattoos are not just one or two. Morris makes temporary tattoos, large and small, all over little Trailin’s body.

Young 29-year-old mother does not regret her action

Tattoo on your child

“I get a lot of backlash because people are not used to seeing a kid with a tattoo. They say I raised my son to be a “gangster” and a “bandit,” says Morris. He also adds that his family doesn’t approve of this because he hates tattoos.

In one of the interviews, the girl claims that she does not care about the people who judge her, and that her son is satisfied with this state of affairs.

Tattoo on your child

“I don’t care about people who judge me because that’s the lifestyle we like.” In addition, social media users inform Morris that Trailin will be shot in the street or put in jail when he grows up.

Many say that you can not tattoo the skin of a child who does not yet understand what it is.

Also, even if the tattoo is temporary, it is chemical after all. That’s why Trailin may get sick in the future, maybe even more dangerous diseases like cancer.

Tattoos are a means of self-expression. However, before doing anything with the body of a person, even a child, consent must be obtained.

Little kids like Trailin can’t agree to such things either. Of course, if a child has temporary tattoos, this does not mean that he will be in prison when he grows up. So what do you think of this interesting story?

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