Fragrances are known to be beneficial for both our physical and mental health. Our sense of smell; it directly affects our emotions, feelings and thoughts. Because smells communicate directly with the brain through our senses, they act as emotional triggers. Whether you use essential oils for aromatherapy or candles… These scents, which we’ll talk about shortly, awaken the mind and help us focus better. Fragrances, which determine everything from your mood to sleep patterns, will be useful not only during meditation, but at any time. Here are the best scents to help you calm down with their wonderful scents and be good for your mood when you are feeling stressed and in need of a breakā€¦

1. Ylang-ylang

Ylang Ylang oil is especially good for insomnia and tension. This special oil, which also has soothing properties, is native to the South Pacific. It is obtained from the ylang-ylang trees. Intense and floral, this pleasant scent is used in traditional medicine and aromatherapy. Ylang Ylang essential oil can be used in many areas such as skin care, mental balance, hair health, and even energy boosting. You can visit here to view and buy the product.

2. Lavender


The aroma of lavender has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. With a calming and calming effect, it helps reduce stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue. In particular, you can relieve headaches by applying lavender oil to your temples, forehead, and neck. You can improve the quality of your sleep by spraying lavender water on your pillow at night. Women can relieve menstrual pain by applying this herb to the lower abdomen. You can visit here to view and buy the product.

3. Patchouli


Patchouli is an herbaceous plant that belongs to the mint family. Nettle belongs to the same family as thyme, lavender and mint. It is good for mental disorders such as anger, tension, depression, stress, fatigue and anxiety. It is calming and relaxing. Thanks to its earthy, balsamic aroma, it helps to return to the roots, find the true purpose and relax. You can visit here to view and buy the product.

4 Grapefruit


The benefits of grapefruit are endless. This will help you fight fatigue and fatigue. The aroma of grapefruit oil can help treat anxiety and depression. Grapefruit energizes, opens the mind and helps lift the spirits. You can visit here to view and purchase the product.

5. Sandalwood

Sandalwood spiritually cleanses the environment. Thus, it helps you feel more comfortable and clean. It is also considered a healing method, as it removes negative energy. While its refreshing scent relaxes you, it boosts your creativity and clears your mind. You can visit here to view and buy the product.

6. Mint

Like sandalwood, mint purifies the environment and replenishes your fallen energy. This is a fragrance that you can use with peace of mind, especially when you need freshness or when you need to focus. If you like, you can also use it as a headache treatment by applying it to your temples. You can visit here to view and purchase the product.

7. Rosemary

Experts say that the smell of rosemary oil has a relaxing effect on the brain. At the same time, the strong smell of the oil can open up your airways. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, it not only purifies the air but also relaxes the mind. In addition, it supports creativity with its intense and beautiful aroma. You can visit here to view and buy the product.

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