Roller blinds, which have a sun-blocking function and create a pleasant atmosphere in the house, have become an indispensable part of the architectural decor. There are some points to consider when choosing roller blinds, the light transmission of which varies depending on the prepared materials and is suitable for almost every home. Color, fabric, size, etc. together we choose roller blinds that contain many details and add a modern atmosphere to your home decor. Roller blind prices may vary depending on the material used and the choice of roller blind device. In this list, you can find roller blind prices suitable for every budget. We have collected the most beautiful curtains for you. If you like, let’s take a look at the list together and together choose the model of roller blinds that will best suit your living room.

1. Blinds

The polyester roller blind can be easily attached to the wall and ceiling. You do not need to order installation for the installation of roller shutters. You can easily install it with the roller blind device that comes out of the box. With a tension mechanism and a white plastic chain, it also ensures safe use for your children. The width of the product is 120 cm, and the fabric is 117 cm. The product is easily wiped with a damp cloth. It fits in almost any room in your home. You can contact the brand for size and color. You can click here to view and purchase the product in detail.

2. Gardenia

roller blind

Following the motto “A strong brand needs not only good ideas, but also perfect solutions and modern designs”, Gardinia offers a timeless and stylish selection of roller blinds. Product sizes 175-80 size. Other features of the product is that it is compatible with ceiling and wall mount. You can contact the brand for the color and size you want. You can click here to purchase the product in detail.

3. Madeco shop

roller blind

With a child-proof lock and a simple design, roller blinds are perfect for almost any room in your home. Product length 65 cm, height 160 cm. The width of the curtain is adjustable and there, screwing and fastening are not included in the scope of delivery. However, remember that this is a simple assembly. You can click here to view and purchase the product in detail.

4. Wouno

The double roller blind is made of 100% polyester and provides good eye protection. Easy-care window blinds should only be wiped with a damp cloth. This roller blind can be installed very easily and quickly on the window frame, without drilling holes, thanks to the locking system. Alternatively, a set of screws for drilling holes in the wall is included. Thanks to the chain mechanism, there is an adjustment for height and light entry. Double rolls are made in an adjustable state thanks to two opposite strips of fabric with adjustable translucent and darkening strips depending on the needs. These modern zebra roller blinds are suitable for all kinds of rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, children’s rooms, hallways, offices, homes, restaurants, etc. It is an ideal choice for curtains. Available sizes: 45 x 150 cm, 50 x 150 cm, 55 x 150 cm, 80 x 150 cm, 90 x 150 cm, 100 x 150 cm. Available colors of the product are white and gray. You can click here to purchase the product.

5. Roller blinds Volta

roller blind

The width of the roller blind completely made of polyester material is 45-120 cm. Its height can be adjusted as 100-130-220. Its installation is very practical. You can click here to view and purchase the product in detail.

6. Effort

roller blind

The roller blind is packaged as supplied and shipped with screws, dowels and a practical curtain rod (hanging device). The curtain rod fixing fixture is very practical, and we remind you that you can easily assemble your curtain without any additional materials, just by turning and attaching. If the space on the window wall is suitable, if you buy a curtain that is at least 10 cm wider than the window frame, you can get a more elegant look, as your zebra shade will completely cover your window and frame. Fabrics block the sun and do not provide complete blackout. For curtains that do not show the inside and do not let in light, you can choose curtains with a blackout function. You can click here to purchase the product.

7. Kidmex

roller blind

The box with roller blinds has convenient parts for fixing to the ceiling and cornice. You do not need to request installation to install roller blinds. The installation is very practical. It adapts to your home with its original high quality, stain-resistant, sun-resistant fabric. You can choose from various size and color options. You can click here to view and purchase the product in detail.

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