Turkey was shocked by the images of the massacre, which today became the subject of discussion! Photos of two people working at the “Animal Shelter and Rehabilitation Center” belonging to the Konya Metropolitan Municipality being tortured and killed by animals in the center were met with great anger by thousands of people, especially on social media. The footage shows how one person hit a street dog with an object in his hand, which led to his death, and another employee dragged the dog away. It is also known that other employees were in the area at the time of the incident, but they did not prevent this horrific massacre. Here are the details of that terrible event, which was met with great anger and reaction from thousands of people …

Massacre of dogs at the Homeless Animal Care and Rehabilitation Center of Konya Metropolitan Municipality sparked great anger

Footage of the brutal killing of a dog in a shelter by a municipality worker has circulated on social media. The chilling footage, viewed by millions of people, has rekindled a debate about the quality of animal shelters that has long been on the country’s agenda and sparked a lot of anger. Many social media users shared their opinions about this inhumane event on their social media accounts.

The staff who witnessed the incident and didn’t react at all also got a big reaction.

An image of the massacre circulated on social media clearly shows other employees near the staff hitting one of the dogs in the shelter’s head with a shovel-like object. However, the inhabitants of the region do not take the slightest intervention to put an end to this massacre.

The municipality of Konya has announced the opening of an investigation into the chilling incident.

From the Twitter account of the Konya Metropolitan Municipality, “The incident that occurred in our rehabilitation center was examined in all aspects at night, the people involved were immediately suspended early in the morning, and a criminal case was initiated against the perpetrators in the Prosecutor General’s Office. Teams from the Konya Provincial Police Department detained the suspects.“- shared. However, it became known that the head of the directorate of the veterinary department, to which the center belongs, was fired.

The Konya Attorney General’s Office announced that the two suspects had been taken into custody.


The written statement indicated that the suspects, whose interrogation at the police station had been completed, had been transferred to court. It was stated that the suspects were arrested by the court they were taken to for the crime of “torturing a domestic animal or pet”.

The mayor of the Konya Metropolitan Municipality, Ugur Ibrahim Altai, said they would oversee the process.


From the twitter account “Altai”In our animal rehabilitation center, we reviewed the incident that shocked us all at night, removed the perpetrators, opened a criminal case, and detained the suspects. We will follow the process in all its aspects to the end.he made a statement.

Thousands of people expressed their reactions to this atrocity on social media.


The Konyadakatlyamvar tag has become one of the trends in Turkey in a short time, shared by thousands of people. Here are some of those social media posts…












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