The whole world is worried about the passengers of the Titanic who dived into the depths of the Atlantic to visit the wreck of the Titanic and got lost there. Because, according to reports, the passengers ran out of oxygen. In addition, no concrete progress has been made so far in intensive search and rescue efforts. On the other hand, both the race against time and the hopeful expectation continue. However, some experts are of the opinion that it is very difficult to save Titan passengers. Because rescuing people who are stuck or lost at the bottom of the ocean is a challenge in many ways. But not impossible!

Exactly 50 years ago, two British submarine operators Roger Mallinson and Roger Chapman embarked on a journey into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Ireland in the submarine Pisces III. But neither suspected that he was embarking on the most memorable and most difficult journey of their lives. The pair were stranded at a depth of 500 meters for about 3 days due to a malfunction of the submarine. However, the search and rescue efforts paid off, and one of the most extraordinary miracles in history occurred. Let’s look at the details together.

In August 1973, submarine operators Roger Mallinson and Roger Chapman embarked on a journey into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean in the submarine Pisces III.

Pisces III

Diving off the coast of Ireland, the duo were tasked with laying telephone wires on the ocean floor. The journey of two sailors, very experienced in their profession, began, as always, smoothly …

Roger Mallinson and Roger Chapman completed one of their routine dives on 29 August 1973.

Having completed their day’s work, at about 09:00 in the morning, the sailors turned the boat’s course to the surface. However, shortly thereafter, the submarine’s alarm systems warned that something was wrong…

There is a leak in the back of the Pisces III submarine!

For this reason, the submarine began to rapidly lose height, plunging into the depths of the ocean. Pisces III only stopped when they reached a depth of 500 meters. Two experienced sailors, Roger Mallinson and Roger Chapman; He ended up on a small submarine at a depth of 500 meters in a deserted ocean …

Luckily, experienced sailors were able to fix the leak on the submarine and were able to survive. But Pisces III didn’t work! The sailors did not know where they came from in the ocean, how deep they were and whether they could be saved.

The first thing the two sailors had to face was the difficult physical conditions on the submarine.

Roger Mallinson and Roger Chapman

Roger Mallinson, for the days when, years later, he found himself at the bottom of the ocean.”It was very stressful, it was very cold, we were trying to warm up and not be left without oxygen.” would use words. Pisces III, a really small submarine, made it difficult for sailors to move freely. Also, due to the submarine’s systems being disabled, the environment the sailors found themselves in was quite cold and dark…

The submarine that sank on the morning of August 29 had about 80 hours of oxygen.

So the two knew they would lose their lives if they weren’t rescued within 80 hours. Realizing that the oxygen tank on the submarine is the only thing that determines whether they survive or not, the duo avoided movement and conversation in an attempt to maximize their chances of survival. On the other hand, while Roger Mallinson and Roger Chapman waited silently at a depth of 500 meters, there were lively moments “above” …

A feverish search and rescue operation was launched to save the sailors.

A large number of ships, helicopters, aircraft and submarines were involved in the work carried out in cooperation with the UK, Canada and the US. However, getting to the sailors will not be as easy as it seems.

Search and rescue operations yielded results only 3 days later, on September 1, 1973.

Roger Mallinson and Roger Chapman
Roger Mallinson and Roger Chapman

The vehicle, in which the two sailors had been locked up for several hours, was found. But the race against time continued. Action was taken by various submarines to bring the craft, called Pisces III, to the surface of the water using lifelines. However, things did not go very well. Fortunately, after several unsuccessful attempts, the rescue operation was completed …

When Roger Mallinson and Roger Chapman emerged from Pisces III they only had 12 minutes of oxygen left!

Roger Mallinson and Roger Chapman

In other words, this rescue operation, which entered the history of mankind, almost failed.

Roger Mallinson, one of the heroes of this unforgettable event, described the situation with the submarine called the Titan as follows:very very dangerousHe explained what he saw

Roger Mallinson and Roger Chapman

“About Titan,” Mallinson told various media outlets.I don’t understand how these people can stay in the middle of the Atlantic without any means of communication, it just doesn’t make sense.” He said.

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