The earthquakes that occurred in Kahramanmaras unfortunately caused great destruction and sadness throughout Turkey. The two largest earthquakes in recent history destroyed thousands of buildings in 10 provinces and injured thousands of people. According to the latest data, 18,342 of our citizens were killed. Onder Chirik is just one of those whom we lost during the earthquake…

The loss of Dzirik, who works diligently to protect nature, wildlife and cultural values ​​in Turkey, “takes children to the sea every summer who have never seen the sea” and touched the lives of tens and hundreds of people he had never seen. met, caused great sadness among many of his fans …

Thousands of our people died as a result of two major earthquakes in Kahramanmaras.

Thousands of our citizens are still under the rubble, waiting for a helping hand to be extended to them. Our country is sadly in great pain from a rare disaster…

Onder Chirik is one of our citizens who died as a result of the earthquake in Kahramanmarash.

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Author-researcher and guide Cyrik was in Adiyaman with his 43 guide friends as part of “practical training in providing guides to the regions”. They also got into a terrible earthquake here…

43 guides, including Onder Chirik, were left under the rubble due to the collapse of their hotel.

At the first stage of search and rescue operations, which began after the terrible destruction, 19 out of 43 guides were rescued alive from the rubble. Unfortunately, the bodies of 10 of our people have come down to us. However, no news was received from 14 guides, their fate was unknown. Here among our people was Onder Chirik, about whom nothing could be heard. Unfortunately, his fans and the Union of Tourist Guide Chambers (TUREB) recently announced that Onder Jirik has passed away…

Onder Cyrik, born in Mersin in 1979, has done important work in protecting nature and wildlife in our country.

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For many years he took part in the work of public organizations working in the field of nature and wildlife protection in our country. He has been involved in nature conservation, sustainable development, biocultural tourism and wildlife research in many regions of Turkey, especially in the Eastern Black Sea, Kars, Igdir and Ardahan.

In the following period, he transferred his knowledge and experience in his fields of work to the nature documentaries he produced. He has written lyrics for nature documentaries such as Deniz Hospital, Wilderness Emergency, Brown Bear Trail Sarikamis and Water. He carried out many important studies on the natural history of Anatolia and signed numerous articles.

In addition to working on nature and wildlife, Onder Chirik has implemented very important social responsibility projects.

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Every summer he gathered children from all over the country who had never seen the sea before and took them to the sea. He showed children the museums in the cities they visited, guided them, and gave children who had no means great memories that they would never forget for the rest of their lives. And he did it every year, without getting tired or resting. Onder Jirik was one of the thousands of people whose heart was full of love for the people and the country, who were torn from us by a great catastrophe … We are very sad, our pain is indescribable.

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