Artificial intelligence is one of the most interesting and remarkable technologies of our time. There are many discussions and problems caused by this technology, the impact of which on human life is becoming more and more evident day by day. For example, the fact that artificial intelligence is a technology that can be effectively exploited by attackers may cause serious problems in various aspects in the coming period. But AI applications that are inherently “malicious” are a much bigger problem! The most famous and dangerous example of malicious artificial intelligence is an artificial intelligence tool called WormGPT.

WormGPT is described as the biggest enemy of the popular AI chatbot ChatGPT. Because there are a lot of similarities between these two AI applications. The difference is in their intentions. WormGPT is also called the “malicious twin” of ChatGPT. WormGPT, a dangerous cybercriminal with endless potential, is being sold on the Dark Web, the center of the Internet underworld. Let’s take a look at ChatGPT’s malicious twin, WormGPT.

ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot used by millions of people

The popular chatbot is effectively used in a variety of areas: from complex mathematical calculations to writing code, from teaching foreign languages ​​to creating a business plan. Moreover, the possibilities of the application in almost all areas where it exists are increasing day by day. However, ChatGPT, one of the most important products of artificial intelligence technology, has also inspired a very dangerous enemy.

The malicious twin of ChatGPT, WormGPT, is very popular among cybercriminals.

Because the application, which is also called the worst enemy of ChatGPT, is an extremely capable assistant that cybercriminals use in their illegal activities. Some experts say that WormGPT provides an excellent opportunity for cybercriminals to carry out cyberattacks on an unprecedented scale.

WormGPT is an artificial intelligence product designed and developed solely for malicious activities.

What’s more, the app continues to evolve, as do secure AI tools. According to some experts, this AI malware application focuses on malware-related data and is trained from various sources.

WormGPT, designed to facilitate the activities of cybercriminals, is sold on the dark web.


In addition, the development process and areas of activity of the application are also published on forums on the Darknet. Thus, cybercriminals can keep a close eye on the development of their most important assistants and the most potential Internet criminal.

WormGPT can prepare compelling texts for internet scams, create realistic emails, code for cyberattacks!


Designing and implementing an online identity theft and social engineering strategy is child’s play for WormGPT! WormGPT, for example, avoids the obvious grammatical and spelling errors that are common in phishing attacks that expose criminals. Moreover, it can realistically imitate any person or organization and produce very convincing texts accordingly.

WormGPT is a cybercriminal without ethical boundaries!


The creator of WormGPT describes it as “ChatGPT’s worst enemy” as it allows its users to “do all sorts of illegal things”!

Experts say this malicious AI chatbot is an extremely dangerous enemy, allowing for “faster, more authentic and more realistic” cyberattacks. In short, this high potential and malicious twin of ChatGPT looks set to make a name for itself in the coming days…

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