Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro reacted to the US decision to extend the decree declaring his country a national threat.

Speaking to state television, Maduro said they categorically reject the signing of the executive order that sees Venezuela as a national threat to the United States.

Claiming that they had overcome economic sanctions as a country, Maduro said, “The Joe Biden government has signed an executive order for the eighth time declaring Venezuela an emergency and extraordinary national security threat to the United States.” used the phrase.

Recalling that the decree was first signed by former US President Barack Obama, Maduro said: “Eight years have passed since this infamous decree. Together with a united working class, Venezuela is moving forward, breaking the sanctions and the blockade, opposing imperialism and defeating it, all its decrees.” said.

On the other hand, Maduro recalled the 10th anniversary of the death of Hugo Chávez, the ex-president of Venezuela, who passed away on March 5, 2013, and said: “10 years later, I can say that our dear commander Chávez did not miss a moment. in our battles and wars.” he said

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