Emir Jan Ygrek is one of the most popular singers of recent times. Almost every song that Ygrek sings is listened to by millions of people. The work of the 30-year-old singer is followed with great interest. On the other hand, İğrek attracts attention with the song “Ali Cabbar”, which has been very popular lately. The song, which has been listened to millions of times on various music platforms since its release, has become one of the most popular songs on social media.

Ygrek’s successful performance as well as his sad story also contributed to the song’s popularity. Naturally, millions of music lovers are looking for an answer to the question of who Ali Kabbar is, and are wondering about the sad story of this song. Here is Ali Jabbar’s song and the sad story behind it…

Emir Can Igrek is one of the most popular singers of the last period.

Almost every work of the 30-year-old singer is a hit. Ygrek’s songs reach millions of listeners on various music platforms, they are shared and performed by many people on social networks.

The song Ali Cabbar recently released by İğrek is one of the songs that received a lot of recognition.

However, the song differs from Ygrek’s previous works in one important way. Because there is a very sad, true story behind Ali Cabbar’s song. Countless music lovers are wondering about the true story of the song, millions are looking for the answer to the question of who is Ali Jabbar…

A song called Ali Cabbar tells a very sad love story. Here is the lyrics

There is no fire, no smoke, but
Light the flame, burn Ali Kabbar
The girl you love has someone else
Hold on if you can, Ali Kabbar
Your father says, “Take the rattle, son.”
In the evening, the wedding, walk Ali Jabbar
The girl he loves is with someone else
He plays with his son Ali Kabbar.
What is this, what is this exam?
Understand if you can understand Ali Kabbar
He took your load, he got offended here
He goes to the army, Ali Jabbar
It’s been 6-7 months.
Ali Jabbar to the village whose news fell
His voice is silent, his pomegranate is silent
Ali Kabbar left us a song…

So, who is Ali Jabbar mentioned in Irek’s popular song, what is the sad story behind this song?

Ali Kubbar

According to the stories, Ali Jabbar is a 16-17 year old boy who lives in Tekirdag and earns his living by playing the garnat at village weddings. At one of these weddings, he falls in love with a girl he sees. The girl is also Ali Jabbar…

The lovers meet in secret for some time. Finally, at the end of the year, Ali Jabbar goes with his father to the house of a girl with whom he fell in love as a “seer”. However, they are not very welcome. The father of the girl Ali Jabbar is in love with does not want to marry his son to an instrumentalist.

The young musician, unable to reunite with his beloved, breaks off without food or drink, he is offended by life.

Ali Kubbar

He also stopped playing Granada and going to weddings. No matter what his father did, he failed to “resurrect” his son. However, after a long time, Ali Jabbar cannot stand the insistence of his father and agrees to steal the gold medal at the wedding. Ali Jabbar goes to the village where the wedding will take place and starts stealing his gold from the village square.

After a while, he finds out that the wedding he attended as an instrumentalist was the wedding of a girl he fell in love with. He then decides to enlist in the military. However, he cannot return to his homeland. 6-7 months after he left for the army, the news comes that Ali Jabbar was martyred.

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