The beautiful presenter Defne Samyeli went to the concert of Chagra Telkiviran, with whom she recently began an affair.

Samyeli presented to his subscribers a photo he took with Telkiviran and Murat Boz at a concert.

In recent months, it has been claimed that singer and actress Defne Samyeli has fallen in love with musician Chagry Telkiviran.

Although the duo’s Samyeli denied the allegations, saying, “Call is my friend,” love arose.


Defne Samyeli and Chagry Telkiviran, who announced their partnership on social media, went to Zeynep Bastik’s concert.

Samyeli shared his pose with Telkiviran and singer Murat Boz from the concert with his followers.

Chagry Telkiviran also published moments when he accompanied songs with his beloved.

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