We have come up with stories that will make your blood run cold, as if they came out of nightmares and horror films! In this article, we will tell the stories of people who wake up in a coffin or at their own funeral. In fact, we will consider the lives of people who are buried in the ground or under a cemetery, although they are alive. Although it is extremely rare for a person to come to life in a morgue or coffin, it does happen. Unfortunately, most people who come back to life after being mistakenly declared dead eventually die. Different body systems die at different rates. Therefore, it is not unusual to hear a few guttural sounds at the time of death or immediately after it. This can cause confusion due to the masking of weak heart sounds. From being able to wake up in a concrete grave to signs of life found in a mortuary, here are five of the most disturbing cases of people everyone thought were dead coming back to life.

1. A woman wakes up at her own funeral in Ecuador.

In mid-June 2023, a news agency reported that a 76-year-old Ecuadorian named Bella Montoya woke up in a coffin at her own funeral. According to the news, Montoya was pronounced dead in a hospital in Ecuador from cardiac arrest as a result of a stroke. During the woman’s funeral, people heard the sound of the coffin. Montoya was alive. The woman was re-hospitalized in intensive care. Montoya’s condition is currently unknown and the reason he was falsely declared dead is still under investigation.

2. A woman in Iowa was found with difficulty breathing in a body bag.

at his funeral

In early 2023, a 66-year-old woman was reported to have died at an Alzheimer’s nursing home. The woman’s body was then placed in a body bag. However, when the bag was opened later, it turned out that the woman was still alive and it was difficult for her to breathe. The woman had been hospitalized two years prior to the event and was diagnosed with dementia praecox, anxiety and depression.

As her health deteriorated, the woman was placed in a terminally ill nursing home. He was believed to have died when the aid center staff found him immobile. When the woman was first found, the nurses could not detect her heartbeat, and there was no movement in her abdomen. Her mouth was open and her eyes were still. After the woman was taken to the funeral home, one of the employees opened the bag and saw that the woman was struggling for a breath of air. The funeral home then called the police and the hospital. After it turned out that she was alive, the woman was returned under her care to the Alzheimer’s treatment center. Unfortunately, he passed away two days later. The center was fined $10,000 for this error.

3. The girl screams in the coffin

at his funeral

At the age of 16, the pregnant Nacy Perez was believed to have died when she passed out and foamed at the mouth. Later, during the funeral of the girl, her family heard voices coming from the coffin. After that, the concrete tomb of the girl was opened. After leaving the concrete grave, it was found that the glass of the coffin was cracked, Neisy’s fingers were bruised, and there were scratches on his forehead when he tried to escape. When Nacy was taken to the hospital again, he was declared dead for the second time because there were no signs of life.

Nacy’s cousin, Carolina Perez, also said she heard a weak heartbeat during the rescue. “Looks like he was struggling to get out of the coffin,” Karolina said. Nacy was declared dead again and sent back to the cemetery. Medical experts say he only appeared dead at first, and then actually died, possibly due to a lack of oxygen.

4. A man came to life during his funeral in Peru.

Watson Franklin Mandujano Dorotheo, a young man living in Peru, showed signs of life at his own funeral in 2017. During the funeral, family members noticed that the “deceased” Dorotheo was breathing in an open coffin, and a health worker confirmed these vital signs. Dorothea was declared dead after dental treatment, but family members later speculated that the diazepam (also known as Valium) administered to Dorothea during a root canal procedure may have made her dead. Health experts point out that drugs called diazepam and alprazolam (or Xanax) can sometimes give the illusion of death.

5. A man in Mississippi opened his eyes during a funeral procession.

Walter Williams, 78, woke up in 2014 in Mississippi moving his legs in a body bag and kicking the bag. Before this event, Williams expected to die in a nursing home. Indeed, his health deteriorated shortly after he was placed in a nursing home. It was believed that he died because one day he was found motionless. But at the funeral, he showed signs of life. He actually died two weeks after it was discovered that he was still alive.

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