In the IYI party, water does not stand still. Musa Ertugan, who was sent to the Central Disciplinary Council with a final demand for expulsion, hit Aksener on the ground.

Musa Ertugan, who was sent to the Central Disciplinary Council with a specific request to be expelled from the IYI party, reacted to chairman Meral Aksener.

Ertugan, on his personal social media account, made several statements about Aksener and said: “There is something to talk about. We will talk from now on,” he said.

Pointing to the 2016 MHP general presidential election, Ertugan said, “You tell us what you want from me about Sinan Ogan in the 2016 MHP presidential race, what kind of trap you want to set and our nation will know.”

Ertugan made the following statements in his post:

Discipline, Mach Ting, do you think…..

“Wow, labor scam. Wow…….. 2015, you called me. I gave the 8th year of my life to the promises and hopes you gave me. I have sold my 3 name property. In your most difficult days, I did not leave you because you wanted it. You said that I feel safe when I see you next to me, my muse president, in full confidence. I was away from my family. I laid down my life I laid down my head. Who was with him after 15 July? Where were the people whom his son made a deputy. I put a lot of effort into this. I have the right to material and moral rights. In those days, you told me most of all: give me your rights, Moses, my president. So you knew that I had a right to it. You didn’t keep your word, you used us. You sold our efforts to a woman who said I gave money and took my turn (2018) and a friend of his son Fatih Aksener. You are a deputy. You bet 2 quotas. You’ve been cheating at the ballot box. Is this your private family business? and you are talking about justice and the right of our people. You said you wouldn’t leave those I sent on their way. you used us as a material and spiritual stuffing. You treated your fellow travelers unfairly. Thanks to us, you are sitting there and you are in charge. Year 2016, equality told me in those days, how would this woman resist if it wasn’t for you and me? You were so mean, you used every cut until the last day. There is something to talk about. We’ll talk after this time. Let’s talk about who sets the traps. In the 2016 MHP presidential race, tell us what you want from me about Sinan Ogan, what trap you want to set, and our nation will know. Witness… Also, President Musa, you sent me a message saying that I would turn them all upside down. I have your whatsapp message in my hand. You did what you said. You made each cut upside down. I’m too treacherous.. You make people bump into each other at a party and then play a game to get rid of them. I also have some of his correspondence with the late Fatih Dogruchan. I will share. and the decision of the nation. From now on, I will try to prevent you from finding new victims and using them, as well as pit the nationalists against each other in the party. I’ll tell you about his masked face for years. I will make a book out of this. telling the truth. as I mentioned above. Before the creation of the party and the 2018 general election, you always told me that your rights must be halal. I didn’t answer. Now I’m telling you, let it be forbidden.

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